Cloudflare Access

Extend Zero Trust access to corporate and SaaS applications. Free for up to 50 users.

Cloudflare Access extends the value of your identity provider to bring a consistent login experience to every application, and evaluates every request to your applications for user identity and device context.

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Move to a software-defined perimeter - no more private network.

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Enforce consistent access controls across all applications

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Easily manage third-party user access

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Extend the reach of your SSO

Cloudflare Access is identity and origin agnostic, allowing you to protect any application - SaaS, cloud, or on-premises. IT teams can build rules that enforce authentication using their existing identity provider. Cloudflare Access integrates with social identity providers, open source providers, and corporate providers, like Azure AD, Okta, and Ping.

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Make third party users feel like first class citizens

Providing application access to collaborators outside your organization — whether they’re contract workers, agencies, or partners — can be a security risk and a logistical headache. Access allows your team to use multiple identity providers simultaneously. This gives teams the flexibility to onboard and offboard contractors to corporate and SaaS applications, without giving them the keys to the castle.

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Faster remote access from any location

Cloudflare’s global edge network operates in 200+ locations around the world, which means it's always close to your users and the applications they need. By putting Access in front of your workforce tools, you can say ‘no’ to backhauling and VPN tunnels, and give your users the gift of fast performance.

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Visibility meets simplicity

Log any request made in your protected applications - not just login and log out. Aggregate activity logs in Cloudflare, or export them to your SIEM provider.

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How it works

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Yesterday's approach to securing applications

Put applications behind on-premise hardware, and then force users through a VPN to secure their traffic. As more of the world shifts to mobile and applications move to the cloud, this model breaks.

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Cloudflare for Teams

Expand your perimeter to Cloudflare’s edge network, effectively creating a private network for all your devices, and all your internal applications — whether on premise, hybrid, or in the cloud.

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Start now

Secure access to your corporate applications without a VPN. Getting started with Access takes minutes. With Teams Free, your first 50 users are free.