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Implement secure access service edge

Cloudflare secures and streamlines your network
Diagram of how SASE fits in to Zero Trust security

As enterprises migrate applications and data to the cloud, managing a network perimeter becomes more costly and complicated.

SASE simplifies network infrastructure by merging networking and security services into a unified architecture, delivered on the cloud edge.

Diagram of how SASE fits in to Zero Trust security

Redefining network infrastructure

Hub and spoke network model: connection through central data center

The old model of network infrastructure — centralized corporate data centers secured by an on-premise network perimeter — doesn’t work for today’s modern enterprises. Data that used to live in data centers now lives in the cloud and SaaS applications.

With the rise of distributed workforces, users need to be able to connect to resources from anywhere in the world, challenging enterprises to provide network access and a secure, straight-line path to the Internet without adopting complex workarounds or increasing latency.

Hub and spoke network model: connection through central data center

SASE network model

Secure access service edge (SASE) implementation simplifies traditional network architecture by merging network and security services on one global network. Instead of bottlenecking all traffic and users through a single, on-premise access point, SASE allows enterprises to route, inspect, and secure traffic in a single pass at the Internet edge.

Cloudflare is built on cloud-native infrastructure that we refer to as our global network. Our globally-distributed edge locations create a network fabric that brings security and performance capabilities as close to end users as possible, helping enterprises reduce latency, mitigate attacks close to the source, and seamlessly apply security controls to user connections.

SASE network model

Network security at the edge

Teams access zero trust spot illustration

SASE consolidates and delivers network security servicescloud access security brokers (CASB), secure web gateways (SWG), Firewall-as-a-Service (FWaaS), and more — from a unified and large-scale cloud network.

Instead of patching together disparate security services from multiple vendors, enterprises can adopt a single SASE architecture to help streamline complex and costly configurations and gain more visibility and control across their entire network infrastructure.

Teams access zero trust spot illustration

Identity-based network access

Teams access improvement plan spot illustration

Outdated infrastructure models required enterprises to secure the network perimeter with clunky, on-premise hardware. VPNs granted access to users outside the network perimeter, but often increased latency and expanded security vulnerabilities.

SASE moves network access from the network perimeter to the user. Access is determined by a granular, Zero Trust, policy-based model that verifies based on user identity and additional contextual factors.

Teams access improvement plan spot illustration

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