Improve network resiliency and always-on security posture with Netrality and Cloudflare

Netrality owns and operates strategic interconnected data centers and Meet Me Rooms, providing a mix of colocation, and powered shell and wholesale data center solutions driven by fiber-dense, network-rich interconnection environments. Today, Netrality’s 18 properties span 3.3 million square feet and over 100 megawatts of capacity in six North American markets.

Well-capitalized with a long-term investment from Macquarie Asset Management (MAM), Netrality is the largest privately held owner-operator of core interconnection facilities in the United States. Netrality acquires strategically located, core network interconnection data centers that power latency-sensitive businesses, increase network resiliency, and ensure always-on access to mission-critical applications.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare is partnering with Netrality to assist customers in gaining easier access to Cloudflare’s globally distributed network, via Cloudflare’s Network Interconnect (CNI) program. As part of CNI, Netrality allows mutual customers to interconnect directly and privately to Cloudflare when an organization is in the same data center as Cloudflare.

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Expanding Network Interconnect Partners

Learn how Cloudflare partnered with Netrality in this blog post about our Network Interconnect partnerships expansion.

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Physical Interconnection Locations

Learn which locations are available with Netrality, our Physical Interconnection (PNI) partner.

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