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Welcome to Birthday Week 2022

2022 marks Cloudflare’s 12th birthday, and each day this week we will announce new products and host fascinating discussions with guests including product experts, customers, and industry peers.

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Cloudflare’s 2022 Annual Founders’ Letter

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Gateway + CASB integration
Gateway + CASB: alphabetti spaghetti that spells better SaaS security

Now that Cloudflare CASB is Generally Available, let’s take a look at how users have been leveraging other Cloudflare Zero Trust products with CASB, starting with Gateway.

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Dashboard: WCAG Certification for Accessibility
Project A11Y: how we upgraded Cloudflare’s dashboard to adhere to industry accessibility standards

At Cloudflare, we believe the internet should be accessible to everyone. And today, we’re happy to announce a more inclusive Cloudflare dashboard experience: adherence to the industry accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.1 AA and section 508 compliance.

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Stream Bundling with Pro/Biz Plans
Lights, Camera, Action! Business and Pro customers get bundled streaming video

Beginning October 27, 2022, if you have a Business or Pro subscription, you will receive a complimentary allocation of Cloudflare Stream.

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Workers Analytics Engine Public Beta
Don't roll your own high cardinality analytics, use Workers Analytics Engine

Join our open beta and start collecting telemetry about anything using Cloudflare Workers today!

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Radar 2.0
The home page for Internet insights: Cloudflare Radar 2.0

Cloudflare Radar makes Internet trends, patterns and insights available to everyone, and we’re now making them even easier to find, understand and share.

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Outage Center
The status page the Internet needs: Cloudflare Radar Outage Center

The new Cloudflare Radar Outage Center (CROC), launched as part of Radar 2.0, is intended to be an archive of information about Internet outages observed by Cloudflare, organized by location, type, date, etc.

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Radar Ranks
Goodbye, Alexa. Hello, Cloudflare Radar Domain Rankings

Today, we are launching a new dataset called Radar Rankings, where we identify the top most popular domains that reflect how people use the Internet globally and per country.

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CloudflareTV- Radar 2.0 + Outage Center + Radar Ranks

Friday September 30 7:30 AM PT

João Sousa Botto, Celso Martinho, Stanley Chiang, & David Belson

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CloudflareTV- Gateway + CASB integration

Friday September 30 11:30 AM PT

Alex Dunbrack & Ankur Aggarwal

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CloudflareTV- Fireside Chat: Challenges IT Leaders Face Today

Friday September 30 12:00 PM PT

Rebecca Weekly with guest Roger Isern

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CloudflareTV- Fireside Chat: Why security keys are the safest way to secure the web

Friday September 30 12:30 PM PT

John Graham-Cumming with guest - Andrew Shikiar

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CloudflareTV- This Week in Net

Friday September 30 1:30 PM PT

João Tomé

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History of Birthday Week

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Email blue


Email Security
Registrar for Everyone
R2 Announced
Dark Mode
Cloudflare TV as a service

Drive blue


Cloudflare turns 10!
Cron Triggers
Durable Objects
Web Analytics
Cloudflare Radar
API Shield
Automatic Platform Optimizations

Calendar blue


Browser Insights
Bot Defend Mode
Workers Sites

Cloud multi blue


Bandwidth Alliance
QUIC support
Workers KV

Certificate blue


Unmetered DDoS mitigation
Cloudflare Stream
Geo Key Manager

Eyeball blue


Rebranding effort and CloudFlare becomes Cloudflare, along with a new logo and website. Also introduced early access to managed dedicated SSL certificates, global load balancing and rate limiting.

Internet globe blue


Expansion to China and announcement of our partnership with Baidu to bring 17 new data centers online in mainland China.

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Launch of Universal SSL for all Cloudflare customers ensuring that every website supported on our network is secure.

Analytics bots blue


Cloudflare launches a free automatic IPv6 Gateway for all users to ease their transition to IPv6.

Performance acceleration rocket blue


Cloudflare officially launched in 2010 at TechCrunch Disrupt with 1,000 websites subscribed during the initial beta.