Enable device-aware ZTNA policies and protect applications against security threats with JumpCloud and Cloudflare

The JumpCloud Directory Platform helps IT teams Make Work Happen® by centralizing management of user identities and devices, enabling small and medium-sized enterprises to adopt Zero Trust security models. JumpCloud is reimagining the on-prem directory as a cloud-based platform that secures identities, manages devices, and provides safe access to all types of IT resources — on-prem, in the cloud, across Windows, Mac, or Linux.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare and JumpCloud are working together to ensure a rapid, secure, and seamless setup of device-aware ZTNA policies. With JumpCloud and Cloudflare, connecting to corporate resources is faster, safer, and more seamless for end users. Through this partnership with JumpCloud, Cloudflare can onboard user devices onto a Zero Trust architecture, allowing them to leverage both private routing and device posture. Moreover, admins can control how internal domain resolution and IP traffic is routed and split tunneled, such that it will not affect any connectivity and even interoperate with existing VPN clients.


Enable device-aware ZTNA policies

Enforce device posture policies at the endpoint through a diverse set of deployment approaches.

Ease of management

Configure policies for what users can do on a device with a specific set of parameters, offering admins a consistent experience.

Improved visibility

Obtain a unified view of device fleets across a dispersed user base, helping ensure they are not compromised or lost.

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