Crisp 使用 Cloudflare 的负载平衡来改善其客户关系应用程序的整体性能。

Crisp is a SaaS based customer relationship application, providing customers with features such as a chat box, email replies, and an operator dashboard to quickly reply to customer queries. Crisp targets the unpenetrated markets of Eastern Europe, Asia, and the Middle East, where a customer relationship solution doesn’t exist or customers are in need of replacing outdated and expensive legacy technology.

Crisp’s Challenge: Ensure Global Performance While Maintaining Local Infrastructure

随着 Crisp 的发展,他们希望通过维护其欧洲基础设施来最小化额外开销,同时仍为客户提供高性能平台。 Crisp 首席执行官 ValérianSaliou 解释说:“最初,我们在亚洲存在很多延迟问题,因为聊天应用程序的动态内容在用户和欧洲服务器之间来回往返需要花费时间。 从最开始,我们就一直在使用 Cloudflare 的 CDN,这项服务立即将静态资产的交付时间提高了几秒钟,但是我们仍在寻找一种解决方案来优化动态内容的交付,并且需要使我们能够维持欧洲标准基础设施。”


Crisp’s Solution: A Cloud-Based, Global Load Balancer

When Crisp saw Cloudflare’s Load Balancing Early Access offering, they opted into the program to see if they could leverage it to help with the latency they were seeing with dynamic content. Cloudflare’s Global Load Balancing routes Crisp’s customers to the origin server closest to them, which not only shortens the distance content needs to travel, but also allows for cryptographic termination closer to the end user—ensuring minimal latency for the end user. The results were better than Crisp could’ve hoped— “When we rolled out Cloudflare Load Balancing,” Saliou explained “to route traffic across our atlas of websocket servers (tunneled into our core infrastructure through a VPN), we immediately got messages from customers in Asia and Oceania thanking us for the improvement.” With Load Balancing, Crisp saw latency times of their dynamic content drop an additional 2-3 seconds . Plus, with Health Checks and Failover built into Cloudflare Load Balancing, Crisp’s customers enjoy continual unfettered performance through Crisp’s ability to monitor the health of their websocket servers and automatically shift traffic to healthy servers when a server is experiencing poor performance.

当 Crisp 向公众发布 API 时,还享受到了 Cloudflare 的页面规则和 DDoS 保护的好处。 “我们默认使用‘缓存所有内容’来帮助节省带宽,然后使用‘页面规则’为我们的 API 指定例外,并为某些服务指定不同的 TTL。” Saliou 解释说。 此外,Crisp 借助 Cloudflare 的 DDoS 保护对 API 提供保护。 Saliou 继续说道:“到目前为止,我们已经阻止了 2 次攻击,这些攻击试图使我们的 API 脱机,在两次情况下我们的服务都没有中断。”

Saliou 总结说:“成本是我们的重要决策因素,而即使我们不考虑成本,Cloudflare 在服务、入门和易用性方面仍优于竞争对手。”


全局负载平衡将国际客户的延迟减少了 2-3 秒

I'm Under Attack 模式减轻了 DDoS 攻击,且没有服务被迫中断


Cloudflare 让 Crisp 得以提高服务质量并缩短服务响应时间。 他们成功地将昂贵的网络基础设施商品化,让一般公司都能使用。 我们不能没有它。

Valérian Saliou