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Colocation America relies on Cloudflare to keep their site high-performing, safe, and online.


Colocation America is a hosting provider with 22 data center locations in the U.S. Colocation America offers “The Foundation of IT”: The space, power, and connectivity needed for businesses to stay online. “By providing unparalleled support, speed, and scalability, our clients can rest assured knowing their business-critical data is safe with us,” explained Samantha Walters, VP of Corporate Strategy.

“We provide three main services,” Walters continued. “Colocation (clients bring their own hardware), dedicated servers (we provide the hardware), and IP transit (connectivity to a specific Internet or cloud provider). With 100 percent Network Uptime and scalable solutions, we serve clients looking for a secure, affordable data center provider that has them covered (from the data on the ground to the data in the cloud).”

Colocation America’s Challenge: Improving Performance & Bolstering Protection

“As a data center service provider,” Walters related, “we know the power and importance of speed. To our clients we highlight the benefits of support, speed, and scalability across their entire IT Infrastructure. We understand how crucial the performance of a website is with connecting to potential clients and converting that business. Knowing that downtime and low connection speed leads to lower revenue, we want to ensure that any potential clients can get the information they need without waiting.”

For Walters and team, the decision to enlist a CDN provider to improve the global performance of their corporate website was clear: “the numbers speak for themselves,” Walters noted, “a 1-second delay means 11% fewer page views, 16% decrease in customer satisfaction, and a 7% loss in conversions.”

Perhaps more important than speed, security is a concern for Colocation America. Understanding that websites are among the most vulnerable ways for corporations to get hacked, Colocation America added additional protection to their corporate website. With the combination of network, hardware, and specifically, website monitoring, Colocation America guarantees 100% uptime in all aspects of their business. “We offer an uptime value proposition for our customers and we recognized that a large attack could compromise our site and violate that agreement,” explained Walters.

Colocation America’s Challenge: Improving Performance & Bolstering Protection

“By using Cloudflare’s CDN services, our site speed is definitely faster than our competitors which gives us an edge,” stated Walters. “Our average site load time before Cloudflare was ~5 seconds. Our average afterwards is ~2 seconds.” By the same statistics as earlier, this performance improvement translates to a 21% increase in conversion to Colocation America’s site and a 48% increase in customer satisfaction.

“Beyond support, speed, and scalability clients look to us for security. Although we monitor and secure full I.T. infrastructures for businesses, many businesses fail to secure their site. Many hacks and security issues start from one plugin hole or, even, a unsecured contact form. This is why going with a company that specializes in website security is a must! We know that our site will remain online and profitable thanks to the measures taken by Cloudflare to protect us.”

Colocation America
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We turn to Cloudflare to secure, monitor, and speed up our corporate website. We understand the importance of having a company dedicated to the vulnerabilities of websites and that is why we see Cloudflare as more than a vendor but a partner. We know, combined with our data center services and Cloudflare’s website services, we have a technology solution that is perfect for our business.

Samantha Walters
VP of Corporate Strategy