Cloudflare Zaraz

A third-party tool manager built for speed, privacy, and security

Zaraz loads third-party tools in the cloud, away from browsers, improving speed, security, and privacy. Effortlessly load analytics tools, advertising pixels, widgets, and other third-party tools without changing code.

Speed up your website with minimum engineering effort

Load all your third-party tools without slowing down your website. Improve website performance by loading third-party tools in the cloud.

Improve developer experience. Add as many third-party tools as needed using the Zaraz dashboard, with minimal code changes. Use one API to track engagement and send data to all third-party tools.

Improve SEO ranking and user experience. Optimize your website for Google’s Core Web Vitals, leading to better SEO rankings. Offer your end users a seamless experience.

Secure your website

Reduce attack surface. Compromised third-party scripts can become entry points for attackers. Zaraz gives you the power to control what scripts can do on your site, reducing your risk.

Better visibility and control. Manage all third-party tools together under one dashboard to ensure accuracy, security, and privacy standards.

Control personal data accessed by third-party tools

Better control of sensitive data. Get an alert or mask sensitive information when it is passed to third-party vendors.

Control where the service runs. With Cloudflare Regional Services, part of the Cloudflare Data Localization Suite, you can choose where services run, which may be necessary for compliance requirements.

Setup metadata boundaries. Similarly, the Customer Metadata Boundary allows you to control where a customer’s end user data lives, simplifying compliance requirements.

Minimal code solution

Deploying Zaraz does not require any additional code. It is a minimal code solution that can be automatically injected into the script.

Better third-party tool management

Seamlessly manage your third-party tools and load them in the cloud. Easily add tools as needed.

One solution for all types of third-party tools

Zaraz can support a wide range of third-party tools, such as analytics, marketing automation, advertising, CRM, chatbots, security, and social media tools.

Effective user-tracking analytics

Zaraz deploys quickly, paving the way for better user-tracking analytics. Efficiently track your website visitors’ shortest interactions.

The Cloudflare network

Built on the serverless platform Cloudflare Workers, Zaraz leverages the Cloudflare network, which spans 285 cities in over 100 countries, to dynamically deploy third-party tools.

Centralize third-party management

Manage all third-party tools in a single pane of glass, making cross-team collaboration seamless.

With Zaraz:

  • Engineers can maintain high-performing websites without third-party tools weighing them down
  • Marketers will see improved website performance, conversion rates, and SEO rankings
  • Security practitioners need not be concerned about third-party tools increasing their attack surface
  • Privacy and compliance enforcers and auditors will gain better visibility and control over the data third-party tools access


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Cloudflare Zaraz supports CSP

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