Cherry Servers

Cloudflare and Cherry Servers partner to reduce data transfer fees.

Cherry Servers is committed to offering private and secure cloud infrastructure to small and medium businesses that are cost-effective and simple to use. With specialized infrastructure and hardware level control, their clients can handle even the most demanding workloads at ease. Their platform is rooted in the open-source community and they believe that a modern cloud application should become vendor-agnostic and be easily portable to where it could be run most efficiently.


At Cherry Servers we embrace open Internet where common standards and open source software can flourish. We're inclined to interconnect with different IT services providers to bring more holistic and advantageous services to our common customers.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Cherry Servers will offer free data transfer to all shared customers.

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Expanding the Bandwidth Alliance

Learn more about how the Bandwidth Alliance expanded with the partnership of Cherry Servers.

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