About MyAffiliates:

MyAffiliates is a high performance and highly available SaaS based affiliate management software platform for online betting, gaming and financial businesses. The MyAffiliates team is comprised of professional technical, marketing and management personnel from all around the world, and is trusted by clients to power some of the largest and high volume affiliate programs on the net. In the dynamic and fast moving betting and gaming industry our clients require us to react quickly to new technological trends and other third party services that spring up and require integration into our platform.

MyAffiliates' challenge:

  • Ensuring 24/7 availability for its platform even in the face or medium to large sized DDoS attacks
  • Maintaining fast responses times for click tracking and ensuring that its specially crafted caching behaviours deliver locally cached content to end users

MyAffiliates’ Solution:

Interruption free experience with Cloudflare’s network, while protecting servers from DDoS using the WAF, using SSL for SaaS to secure all client websites with SSL which helped MyAffiliates with its GDPR compliance efforts.

My Affiliates began its search for a robust CDN after some of its clients experienced DDOS attacks which lead to performance degradation across its entire platform. With expansion, MyAffiliates’ requirements outgrew simple content caching and started including DDOS prevention, SSL termination and WAF rules.

“Our whole platform is designed around displaying advertising media and tracking clicks. We process over a billion requests monthly, so responses from our software must be as fast as possible. It’s the one core thing our platform has to do well”, says Steven Harris, owner of MyAffiliates.

“ROI for us is all about prevention of attacks and protection of online assets. The staff cost of dealing with attacks, as well as the toll it can place on our infrastructure are the driving forces to choose a provider that could deal with attacks quickly and efficiently.

Cloudflare provided a price competitive service for the set of features included – it also came with some nice features such as custom WAF rules, SSL certificate uploads, custom page rules and other little goodies that weren’t expected. Most importantly the size of the network gave us comfort than in the event of an attack, it would be more than capable of handling it. “

MyAffiliates leverages Cloudflare’s global network, which spans 320 cities, to ensure an interruption-free experience for its customers. It uses Cloudflare’s web application firewall to protect it from common attacks such as SQL injection and cross site scripting (XSS) as well as Cloudflare’s one-click SSL to secure connections and keep their customer data safe from monitoring and tampering.

“Having back end infrastructure hidden behind Cloudflare also provides peace of mind that critical services are not directly exposed to the internet”, Steven observes.

“Cloudflare provides an unparalleled level of protection and security to our back end infrastructure.”

Key Results
  • 52% improvement in response time with Argo Smart Routing
  • ~1000 threats blocked every day by Cloudflare’s WAF

Cloudflare provides an unparalleled level of protection and security to our back end infrastructure.

Steven Harris, Owner of