CrazyGames saves on bandwidth, while offering global users faster site performance.


CrazyGames is a in-browser gaming company based in Belgium that sees over 5 million visitors every month. “We feature high-quality games across every genre that fit any screen size,” explained Raf Mertens, founder of the company. “Our main goal is to increase the net amount of fun created on our site, which we calculate by multiplying the number of people that play on our sites by the average time that they play for!”

CrazyGames' Challenge: Speed and Reliability for Global Gamers

The browser gaming space is incredibly competitive so Mertens and his team know they need to differentiate in order to get their share of users. “Our two key focuses are having great games and providing an amazing experience for our users,” Mertens related. “Website reliability and speed are very important for ensuring that amazing experience.” While regional hosting offers local users a fast and reliable experience, expanding that same experience to a global audience is a challenge. “Our traffic is global,” Mertens continued. “When you want to serve your website fast globally, you need to build a global infrastructure. For a small company like us, that’s not feasible.”

CrazyGames’s Solution: A Global Network Built for Performance and Security

CrazyGames turned Cloudflare for global content delivery and security. Today, CrazyGames uses Cloudflare’s CDN (Content Delivery Network) to cache and serve content from data centers in over 320 cities around the world and bolsters site security with Cloudflare’s WAF and DDoS mitigation. “Switching to Cloudflare allowed us to lower our bill, improve the performance of our site, and simplify our infrastructure stack,” Mertens explained. Cloudflare’s CDN saves CrazyGames over 40TB of bandwidth every month.

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