de Bijenkorf

de Bijenkorf speeds up and protects their online store with Cloudflare.

de Bijenkorf is a luxury department store based in the Netherlands dedicated to surprising its customers with exceptional products through an inspiring and unique customer experience. de Bijenkorf has made several steps in the past to create an online presence, and a recent renewed focus on e-commerce business is intended to cement the brand as the number one luxury department store in the Netherlands.

de Bijenkorf’s Challenges: Protecting From Expensive DDoS Attacks & Ensuring a High Performing Site

As a part of their new push to be online, de Bijenkorf needed protection from DDoS attacks and high performance for customers. Christiaan Mourik, Head of Technology at de Bijenkorf, explained that "de Bijenkorf had a couple of minor outages on the site and when we did some analysis, we found out the outages were caused by a low level SYN flood attack. We then received an email from a hacking group asking for bitcoins. Knowing our competitors had faced similar attacks, securing a DDoS mitigation solution became a top priority for us. Just a single day of being offline could cost us significant revenue.”

While searching for DDoS mitigation to keep their site up, de Bijenkorf realized that they could also incorporate a Content Distribution Network (CDN) as a high performing backbone for their new web architecture. A CDN would improve site availability and speed, which greatly matter to de Bijenkorf's customers.


de Bijenkorf's Solution: Best-in-Class DDoS Mitigation With Built-in Performance

Mourik explained that de Bijenkorf chose Cloudflare because "the advanced DDoS protection, the track record for stopping big attacks, and the easy-to-use user interface. Plus, we were really excited about a single vendor solution with all features accessible from a single dashboard."

Cloudflare's DDoS Mitigation protects de Bijenkorf's website by absorbing and blocking malicious traffic aimed at de Bijenkorf's servers. Furthermore, any malicious IP's that touch Cloudflare's massive network get flagged and automatically blocked, ensuring that de Bijenkorf is always protected from the latest attacks.

Cloudflare is now also a core part of de Bijenkorf's new web architecture. Mourik commented "We were excited about Cloudflare's CDN capabilities because we saw a role for it in our new architecture. The control over page caching we get through Cache Rules is an integral part of the new infrastructure.. It simplifies everything and speeds up development."

de Bijenkorf
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Key Results

DDoS Mitigation keeps de Bijenkorf's webstore online preventing significant revenue loss

Single vendor performance and security solution

CDN functions as a high performing backbone in de Bijenkorf's new web architecture

We were really excited about a single vendor solution with easy setup, easy use, maximum protection, and a very friendly team.

Christiaan Mourik
Head of Technology