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Dealer eProcessはSSL for SaaSを使用してお客様のサイトを安全に配信します。


The Dealer eProcess website platform was designed with a unique, customer-centric design. All website features, from navigation to image optimization, were built within their responsive platform to give the customer the quickest, easiest car-buying experience possible. Whether a user is on mobile device, tablet, or desktop, they will get a completely secure (SSL/HTTPS) hassle-free web-browsing experience that no one else can match.

Dealer eProcess’ Challenge: Scaling and Protecting Customer Sites “Our customers need to have optimal website performance to generate business and leads, they’re relying on us to provide that for them,” said Jim Bodine, Chief Information Officer at Dealer eProcess. “With over 1600 different websites to protect, choosing Cloudflare’s “always on” DDoS mitigation and WAF to protect all our customers at once was an easy choice to make.”

Dealer eProcess’ Solution: Integrated, Always-On Security Dealer eProcess quickly enlisted some DDoS protection, but wanted to make sure they had the perfect fit as they secured a long-term vendor. “We analyzed all vendor options,” Bodine noted, “but Cloudflare’s competitors had smaller networks and were less featured than Cloudflare. We use Cloudflare’s CDN, Argo Smart Routing, DDoS Mitigation, Web Application Firewall, Rate Limiting to protect against bots, as well as SSL for SaaS. The combination of all these performance and security products in one interface that’s easy to manage made choosing Cloudflare easy.”

今では、Dealer eProcessのお客様のサイトはCloudflareのクラス最高のDDoS対策によって保護されていることに加えて、SSL for SaaSを使用することでCloudflareによって管理および更新されるSSL証明書にて自動的にプロビジョニングされています。つまり、こうしたサイトがお客様の決済情報といった機密情報を処理する場合、これらの取引は暗号化された安全な接続を介して処理されます。また、Dealer eProcessのお客様は、ドメインの証明書を購入・送信して、1年後に更新するという面倒な手順を踏む必要がありません。Cloudflareは証明書のライフサイクル全体を自動化して管理します。

Dealer eProcess


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