Customers see Lenskart’s site clearly with the power of Cloudflare.


Founded in 2010, Lenskart has sprinted to be India's fastest growing eyewear business. With rapid growth Lenskart reaches out to over one million customers a month via a unique combination of a online business, unique physical stores, as well as a first of its kind “home eye check up”' service.

Lenskart’s Challenge: Rapid Growth Meant Becoming a Bigger Target for Attack

With numerous pairs of eyeglasses for sale and thousands of images on their site, Lenskart.com has over 11 TB of traffic every month. As their customer base continues to grow and they continue to reach more remote parts of the world, having a network that extends to these places is critical for offering customers an enjoyable online experience. “In addition to the fact that latency and purchase conversion are directly related,” commented Nirbhab Barat AVP of DevOps at Lenskart. “We were facing a growing number of security threats and DDoS attacks. If we wanted to continue to grow at a rapid rate, while maintaining a healthy business we were going to have to invest in infrastructure either by building it ourselves or turning to a vendor.”

Wanting to keep their engineers working on core-business functions, Lenskart looked at the market for the right solutions for their needs.

Lenskart’s Solution: A Security Focussed Performance Network

“Cloudflare was great because it met the performance and content delivery challenges that we were looking to solve, but the breadth of services they offered like their security suite of products simultaneously helped solve other challenges for our business,” Barat commented.

Lenskart uses Cloudflare’s CDN to cache and serve their content from data centers in over 320 cities around the world thereby saving over 72% or 8 TB of bandwidth every month. In addition, Lenskart makes use of Cloudflare’s Railgun technology, which optimizes the connection from Lenskart origin servers to Cloudflare’s network edge, further improving the performance of Lenskart’s site. Cloudflare’s expansive network and performance optimization helps ensure that Lenskart’s site is high-functioning for their users regardless of geographic location.

Furthermore, Cloudflare’s security products help Lenskart stay online and safe from attack. “Cloudflare’s Web Application Firewall blocks over 30,000 threats from hitting our website every month,” Barat noted. “We process sensitive customer data, so having Cloudflare as an extra layer of protection to prevent exfiltration of that data brings us peace-of-mind. Plus, with Cloudflare’s DDoS mitigation we know our site won’t experience costly down-time.”

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Being India's largest online optical store, Lenskart.com use to get a lot of security and DDoS threats. These threats are now taken care of by Cloudflare, and our engineers can focus on our core business.

Nirbhab Barat
AVP DevOps at Lenskart