Cloud Email Security

A low-touch, high-efficacy email security service

Effortlessly block and isolate phishing threats, including email-borne malware, business email compromise, and multi-channel (link-based) attacks.

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Phishing protection that goes beyond email

Protect against targeted phishing attacks that use a combination of email and other apps to exploit users and gain unauthorized access.

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Easy implementation and management

Benefit from industry-leading threat detection without having to constantly tune policies and configurations.

Greater value, lower cost

Save time, money, and your sanity — all while catching the phishing threats that others miss.

How it works

Identify and remediate phishing exposure to secure your workforce

Identify and remediate phishing gaps

Microsoft 365 users: Run a free phishing retro scan to identify active threats currently sitting in your inboxes.

Gmail users: Request a free phishing risk assessment to see how your existing security controls stack up.

Then deploy Cloud Email Security inline (as MX), via API, or in mix-mode with the benefits of inline and post-delivery retraction.

Identify and remediate phishing gaps

Ready to see what phishing threats are getting through?