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Cloudflare DLP

Protecting your organization’s most sensitive data

With the shift to hybrid work, it is harder than ever to maintain visibility and security controls over how users move and store data across cloud environments. At the same time, the financial and reputational risks to losing sensitive data are higher than ever – with IBM’s latest research estimating the average cost of a data breach at $4.35M.

Reduce your organizational risk by taking a proactive approach to data security. Cloudflare Data Loss Prevention (DLP) secures sensitive data in transit. Plus, our DLP is built into our broader Zero Trust platform, which verifies, filters, and isolates all traffic to provide holistic protection across your users, devices, applications, and the Internet.

Cloudflare's DLP service

Inspect and control traffic after detecting sensitive data

Cloudflare DLP inspects HTTP/S traffic and files like Microsoft Office documents for the presence of sensitive data such as credit card information and social security numbers. After identifying the data you would like to protect, you can easily configure DLP profiles with allow or block policies to prevent information from leaving your corporate tenants.

Holistic data protection with SASE

Comprehensive data security with Cloudflare One

Cloudflare One our SASE platform, stops data from leaving controlled environments by leveraging the power of our global network to control authorized access and user permissions; log every IP, DNS and HTTP request; and scan incoming and outgoing data across all apps.

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Effectively secure your data with a Zero Trust approach.


Solution & Product Guides

Integrated DLP & CASB

Learn how Cloudflare's DLP and CASB services improve visibility and reduce risk of exfiltration as data moves across all web, SaaS, and self-hosted/private apps.

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Announcing Custom DLP profiles

Learn how to build custom DLP detections to identify other types of sensitive data, such as IP, code, and trade secrets, using Cloudflare One.

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DLP Exact Data Match beta now available

With Exact Data Match (EDM), create targeted DLP detections for your organization. Customers can now securely tell us what data they want to protect via custom data sets, and then we identify, log, and block the presence or movement of that data.

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Cloudflare One DLP integrates with Microsoft Information Protection labels

Simply integrate with your Microsoft account, retrieve your labels, and build rules to guide the movement of your labeled data. This extends the power of Microsoft’s labels to any of your corporate traffic in just a few clicks.

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Infographic: How modern coding, AI, and cloud impact your data protection strategy.

In this infographic, explore how uniquely modern risks like sprawling cloud and SaaS environments, modern coding practices, and emerging AI tools demand a modern approach to security.

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Demo: Cloudflare One for Data Protection

Cloudflare offers a unified SSE platform for managing data across all states, and in any environment. In this demo, see how Cloudflare One helps organizations to comply with regulations, mitigate the risks of data exposure across application environments, and secure developer code.

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