Alibaba Cloud

Cloudflare and Alibaba Cloud partner to reduce data transfer fees

Alibaba Cloud provides a comprehensive suite of global cloud computing services to power both their international customers’ online businesses and Alibaba Group’s own e-commerce ecosystem. In January 2017, Alibaba Cloud became the official Cloud Services Partner of the International Olympic Committee. By harnessing, and improving on, the latest cloud technology and security systems, they tirelessly work towards their vision - to make it easier for you to do business anywhere, with anyone in the world.


Alibaba Cloud's mission is to make it easy to do business anywhere. We enable businesses to transform the way they market, sell and operate and improve their efficiencies. That’s why we are proud to join the Bandwidth Alliance and enable cost savings for our mutual customers with Cloudflare, furthering our shared goal of helping to build a better Internet for all.

Bandwidth Alliance Pricing

Alibaba Cloud will provide 0 egress charges for traffic from Object Storage Service flowing over peered connections to Cloudflare outside mainland China.

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Expanding the Bandwidth Alliance

Learn more about how the Bandwidth Alliance expanded with the partnership of Alibaba Cloud.

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Cloudflare and Alibaba Cloud Collaborate on Expansion of Bandwidth Alliance

Learn how Cloudflare and Alibaba Cloud joined forces to waive bandwidth fees for mutual customers.

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