Cloudflare Zaraz

A third-party tool manager built for speed, privacy, and security

Zaraz loads third-party tools in the cloud, away from browsers, improving web application speed, security, and privacy. Load analytics tools, advertising pixels, widgets, and other third-party tools without slowing down your applications.

Speed up your website

Improve website performance by loading third-party tools in the cloud instead of the browser. The result: a better user experience and improved SEO.

Make your app more secure

Third-party scripts can be entry points for attackers. Zaraz gives you control over what scripts can do on your site, reducing your risk.

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More user privacy

Control personal data accessed by third-party tools.

Easier development

Add multiple third-party tools using the Zaraz dashboard, with minimal code changes. Use one API to track engagement.

How it works

Load third-party tools without weighing down web apps

With Cloudflare Zaraz, third-party tools load in the cloud instead of the browser.

Running on the Cloudflare global network, which spans 320 cities across 120 countries, Zaraz dynamically deploys third-party tools with minimal latency, no matter where users are.

Zaraz uses workers to make 3rd party tools secure and fast

What our customers are saying

"Leveraging Zaraz, Instacart was able to significantly improve performance of our Shopper-specific domains with minimal changes required to the overall site."

Staff Software Engineer, Cloud Foundations, Instacart — Marc Barry

Top Zaraz use cases

Cloudflare Zaraz improves the user experience, helps to prevent attacks, supports user privacy, and makes life easier for developers.

Improve page load with minimal effort:

Without code changes, Zaraz can speed up websites by offloading third-party tools from the browser.

Reduce attack surface:

Limit what scripts can do on your website to reduce the risks from potential third-party tool compromise.

Better control of sensitive data:

Get an alert or mask sensitive information when it is passed to third-party vendors.

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