Build stateful applications that scale dynamically with Fauna and Cloudflare

Fauna is the data API for modern applications. With Fauna, developers can simplify code, reduce costs, and ship applications faster by replacing their database infrastructure with a highly productive and programmable data API that combines the power of custom business logic with the ease of GraphQL. The underlying globally distributed storage and compute engine is fast, consistent, and reliable, with a modern security infrastructure. Itself a serverless offering, Fauna is quick to get started with and lets developers experience freedom from database operations at any scale. Innovators like Hannon Hill, ShiftX, DigitalAX, and MeetKai trust Fauna to power their applications.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare has launched a partnership for transactional workloads with Fauna, a data API for modern applications. Together, Cloudflare and Fauna enable developers to build stateful applications that scale dynamically and maintain strong consistency. This partnership will help developers choose an edge-first database when they build a new application on Cloudflare Workers.

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Announcing Cloudflare's Database Partners

Learn about Cloudflare’s partnership with Fauna in this announcement blog post around our Database Partners.

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Case Study

Building the next generation search engine with Fauna and Cloudflare Workers

Learn how MeetKai, a current customer of Fauna and Cloudflare, has benefited from globally distributed transactional data access at low latency.

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Solution & Product Guides

Get started with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna (Cloudflare docs)

Create a serverless, globally distributed REST API with Cloudflare Workers and Fauna with this tutorial.

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