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October 12: "Emerging Threats and Your Attack Surface: How to Keep Your Infrastructure Secure" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's VP of Product, Patrick Donahue
  • Cloudflare's VP of Product for Application Security and Threat Intelligence, Patrick Donahue, gives you the inside scoop on new types of threats and attacks targeting organizations on a daily basis, and how to keep yours safe.
November 2: SPECIAL FEATURE "Garmin International’s Cloudflare Journey: A Customer's Perspective" @ 9:00am PT
With Edge Architect at Garmin International and Cloudflare Customer, Aaron Dearinger
  • Get the inside scoop from Aaron Dearinger, Edge Architect at Garmin, on how he successfully led the Cloudflare rollout across the organization. Garmin is a multinational technology company with over 19,000 employees, and has been a Cloudflare customer for 4 years. During this session, you’ll gain insight into:
    • Strategies Aaron has employed to socialize Cloudflare across Garmin
    • Lessons learned during Garmin's migration from Akamai to Cloudflare
    • General best practices and observations
November 16: "Elections & Hard Keys: How Cloudflare Mitigated a Sophisticated Phishing Attack" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Field CSO, CEO & Co-Founder of Area 1 Security, Oren Falkowitz
  • Learn how Cloudflare was able to fend off a sophisticated SMS phishing scheme, where employee text messages were disguised as official-looking communications, including “cloudflare” and “okta” in the hacker-controlled domain, and what you can do in your organization to prevent a breach.
December 7: "Lessons Learned from 2022's Major Incidents" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Field CTO, Trey Guinn
  • Join Cloudflare Field CTO, Trey Guinn, as he reviews key lessons technology leaders should takeaway from 2022's most impactful cyber events, including the Russian cyber offensive on Ukraine, the SMS phishing attacks by the 0ktapus threat group, high profile hacks, and major outages.
January 18: "Putting Zero Trust Principles into Action" @ 9:00am PT
With Cloudflare's Director of Product, Corey Mahan
  • Join Cloudflare Director of Product, Corey Mahan, to discuss how the principles, concepts, and ideas behind a Zero Trust world can be put into action, no matter where you are in your journey. This session will focus on practical, real-world examples of how network, security and IT teams can get started. During this conversation, we'll discuss:
    • What does Zero Trust really mean?
    • Zero Trust is not a product, it’s a security strategy. As a practitioner, how does this influence solution design and engineering?
    • Getting started with Zero Trust modernization and what Cloudflare has seen work well, and where others have struggled most.
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