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El Universal uses Cloudflare to protect their front page and deliver the news as fast as possible


Established in 1916 El Universal is one of the oldest, highest circulated newspapers throughout Mexico. Keeping up with an ever-changing industry they launched a major redesign in 2008: modifying their printed publications and launching a new website with the capability to broadcast multimedia content. Today the El Universal’s site receives over 12 million monthly visitors.

El Universal’s Challenge: Information as Fast as Possible

“We were struggling with site performance,” explained Erick Torres an Applications Manager. Knowing that serving content quicker means happier users who spend more time on their site and generate more revenue, El Universal made performance a top priority for their site. They began searching for a web performance solution and after noticing a large amount of malicious traffic coming to their site, Torres’ team was hoping that they could find a vendor that provided both Internet performance and security.

El Universal’s Solution: Easy-to-Implement, Powerful Performance & Security

El Universal decided on Cloudflare because they found performance and security from a single, easy-to-use vendor. “Currently our websites use the Drupal CMS,” noted Torres. “Due to the support that Cloudflare offers for Drupal and the performance and security improvements we saw in our trial, we decided to opt in for the solution.”

Cloudflare now helps El Universal to accelerate and protect more than 6 billion requests every month. With Cloudflare’s CDN El Universal’s content is cached and served from Cloudflare data centers in over 320 cities around the world, which greatly reduces latency and improves site performance for El Universal’s readers. Not only does El Universal’s site load faster leveraging Cloudflare’s CDN, but they also save over 95% on bandwidth costs as a result.

Plus, Cloudflare’s WAF (Web Application Firewall) is powered by the collective security intelligence from the 25+ million Internet properties on the network, meaning that El Universal’s site is automatically protected from the latest vulnerabilities and known attack vectors. Cloudflare’s WAF now blocks over 1 million threats aimed at El Universal’s site every month.

El Universal
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Everything is fast, simple, and easy with Cloudflare.

Erick Torres
Application Manager