Deliver high-quality video on-demand with one API

Upload, store, encode, and deliver on-demand videos with Cloudflare Stream

Get started with Cloudflare Stream — the unified VOD platform.

  • Automatically deliver high-quality video at the ideal resolution for a wide variety of devices
  • Pay only for minutes of video delivered and stored — not for encoding or bandwidth
  • Integrate with any HLS- or DASH-supported video player

Rapidly build better video on-demand experiences — without needing special format, protocol, or encoding expertise. Take control of your video infrastructure now.


Effortlessly upload, store, encode, and deliver video

Simplified VOD With One API
  • Eliminate the development burden of choosing codecs, protocols, and bitrates for your video content.
  • Generate thumbnail previews in static or animated formats — no coding required.
  • Editing features put you in controladd captions, apply watermarks, clip videos, and more.
  • Cost-effective video delivery means only paying for minutes of video delivered and stored; never pay additional charges for encoding or bandwidth again.
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Simplified VOD With One API

Deliver better video experiences

  • Automatically deliver the ideal playback resolution for each individual viewer, no matter their device or bandwidth constraints.
  • Wide compatibility allows you to stream video to websites, native iOS and Android apps, and media streaming devices.
  • Enjoy short video startup times and reduced buffering.
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A new video experience powered by Stream

In addition to using Cloudflare’s security suite, Flo — the popular female health app — leverages Cloudflare to reach a premium subscriber audience with exclusive video content.

Stream gives Flo a platform to manage and deliver video at scale with full control, including a Flo-branded video player.

View the customer story here.

Encoding, global delivery, and player all in one VOD platform

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