Montecito 银行与信托公司

Montecito Bank & Trust (MB&T) is the regional bank of Central California that you wish had branches in your neighborhood. From easily accessible bank associates to a progressive outlook on technology and a highly respected wealth management division, they’ve got it all. Locally owned and managed, with $1.2 billion in assets, MB&T keeps a laser focus on its customers. As the bank sees it, one does not have to choose between a personal relationship with their bank and enhanced online security.

利用 Cloudflare 基于 Cookie 的键缓存

Building Customer Trust With Innovative Technology

Paul Abramson, Director of Technology at MB&T, found himself in the midst of a complex regulatory discussion that would transition the bank’s website from to a new domain The .bank extension would incorporate the latest security requirements to reduce phishing, spoofing, and Internet scams. In addition, Abramson recognized the risks a potential security attack could pose to a bank’s website. He needed a vendor to help him meet the industry regulations for the domain change as well as bulletproof the site from sophisticated cyber security threats.

“我们对通常的参与者进行了评估,并对众多供应商的建议进行了筛选。”Abramson 说。“Cloudflare 的价值主张非常出色。它以单一的简单服务(DNSSEC、SSL 证书、DDoS 安全、WAF、CDN)提供有竞争力的价格,涵盖我们所需的一切,并迅速满足了我们的定制要求。”

为取得令人垂涎的 .bank顶级域名(TLD),MB&T 必须实施带有安全扩展的 DNS (DNSSEC)。“Cloudflare 使 DNSSEC 尽可能容易使用,” Abramson说。“DNSSEC 增强了域的安全性和可信度,并帮助我们取得了 .bank扩展域名。现在,即使我们的非技术人员也意识到 是 Internet 上开展业务的一个颇受信赖、经过检验且更加安全的位置。”

Montecito 银行与信托公司

    100% 干净的流量

    70% 带宽节省

    页面加载时间减少 50%

    符合 .bank TLD的行业规定

    内置和自动 DNSSEC 管理

    Cloudflare 使我们能够推动技术前沿并快速轻松地做好工作。 这是一个真正的竞争优势。

    Paul Abramson
    SVP / 技术总监