Speed + Security for Minecraft

Cloudflare Spectrum – now available on the Pro and Business plans

Slow Minecraft server? Are your players experiencing lag?

Delivering immersive and secure gaming experiences to your Minecraft players around the world is a massive challenge — network latency and DDoS attacks contribute to the ‘lag’ and downtime of your Minecraft server.

Solve this challenge with Cloudflare Spectrum – which helps power fast and reliable online gaming experiences.

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Lower ping times. Faster responses.

Players are likely to be globally distributed, and your game server geographically distant from players. This leads to high ping times and suboptimal player experience — in other words, "lag."

Cloudflare Spectrum vastly cuts down on lag.

  • By establishing sessions from the players to their closest Cloudflare data center, which proxies your game server, connections are way faster.

  • Additionally, traffic over the Cloudflare network is routed faster than the "best-effort" Internet. Much like modern navigation apps, Cloudflare learns from the traffic to millions of Internet properties to route traffic using the fastest and most efficient routes in real time.

Deliver faster player experiences with Cloudflare Spectrum — no matter where they are, or what device they use.

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Game servers are often targets of DDoS attacks

The gaming industry is the most DDoSed industry in the world. Exposing your server’s IP address to the Internet leaves you vulnerable to online attacks and can bring your server down.

Proxy traffic to your Minecraft server behind Cloudflare’s 172 Tbps network and protect your server from DDoS attacks of any kind and size.

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No hardware or software plug-ins necessary

We make complex problems easy to solve. You can configure Spectrum with a few clicks right from the dashboard or API. There is no hardware to rack and stack and no software to install. Best yet, the only thing your users experience is faster performance.

Onboard with Cloudflare Spectrum within minutes and start accelerating and protecting your server right away.

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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