Accelerate Web Applications

Today's web pages are increasingly complex with a globally dispersed audience, which can degrade the user experience.

Cloudflare increases web application performance by bringing content closer to your users, caching static content on its network, optimizing image files, compressing dynamic content, routing requests to the least congested path, and much more.

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Global Scale

Global Scale

Cloudflare’s global Anycast network spans 285 cities in 100 countries, reducing latency and time to first byte by delivering content closest to visitors.

Ease of Use

Ease of Use

Setting up Cloudflare takes as little as 5 minutes. The easy-to-use dashboard enables quick configuration of fine-grained functionalities to improve the performance of complex applications.

Integrated Security & Performance

Integrated Security & Performance

Cloudflare includes integrated security services to defend against DDoS attacks, customer data breaches, and abusive bots, while preventing performance trade-offs.

Supercharge your applications

Website and application performance services

Cloudflare makes your sites and applications perform like never before. With our global Anycast network, content is always a blink away for incredible experiences on any device. We keep you online and available, regardless of traffic spikes, attacks, and outages.


Ultra-fast static and dynamic content delivery.


Fastest, most resilient and secure authoritative DNS.

Argo smart routing

Route web traffic across the most reliable network paths.

Load balancing

DNS-based load balancing and active health checks against origin servers.

Cache Reserve

Maximize savings by getting closer to the dream of 100% cache hit ratio

Video stream delivery

Cache and deliver HTTP(S) video content on your website.

Web optimization

Gauge how fast your website is and how you can make it even faster.

Waiting room

Virtual waiting room to manage peak traffic.

China network

Extend Cloudflare performance and security into mainland China.

Web3 gateways

Manage, maintain, and monitor Web3 infrastructure.

Zaraz (3rd party tool manager)

A third-party tool manager — load tools in the cloud, without code.


Granular lens into network traffic.


Detailed logs of HTTP requests, Spectrum events, or Firewall events.


Ingest, encode, record, and play live or on-demand videos.


Build a highly scalable image pipeline to resize, optimize, store, and deliver images.

Challenges Affecting Performance

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Heavy, complex web pages

Average page size continues to increase due to complex CSS, high-quality images and video assets, or extensive usage of javascript snippets. Larger web page sizes (the ‘payload’) increases the amount of data which must travel over the network to be rendered by the visitor’s browser, slowing down loading speeds.

diagram more trips to origin

Interactivity and Personalization

When applications use APIs to fetch dynamic content to support personalization and interactivity, the number of connections and trips to origin infrastructure increases, resulting in performance degradations and poor visitor experiences.

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Globally Distributed Visitors

As modern web page visitors become more globally dispersed, content must travel longer distances, sometimes to countries with slow or unreliable networks. For example, a website with an origin server in San Francisco might have an equal number of global visitors as it does local and global visitors will experience increases in latency.

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Cloudflare’s Performance Services

Every Cloudflare data center runs an integrated stack of performance features which address the most common causes of poor performance. These features help solve many of the core problems that slow down the delivery of applications over the Internet. From fast web address lookups to accelerated delivery to the origin server, Cloudflare speeds up traffic at key points in the life of a request.

“Cloudflare, in conjunction with a few providers, makes deploying and running our site very light and easy. I would recommend Cloudflare to anyone looking to solve the problems we have.”
Jared Hales
Director of Engineering

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