Turn economic uncertainty into opportunity

Take back control with Cloudflare

With a potential recession looming on the horizon, organizations are dealing with unpredictability and shrinking budgets. Here are three things you can do today to take back control of your IT priorities and spend, de-risk your business and turn economic uncertainty into opportunity.

Gain better control over spending and lower your TCO

Consolidate app security, Zero Trust and networking services into one cost-effective platform with a lower total cost of operation (TCO). By shifting your investments from CapEx to OpEx, you can make immediate improvements to short-term cash flow and insulate your organization from legacy hardware vendor price increases. This will help ensure that your highest priority initiatives remain funded, even if budgets decline.

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Shrink your exposure to supply chain delays

Chip shortages and inflation are leading to massive backlogs for traditional IT hardware, delaying projects by over a year in some cases. Organizations are being forced to make premature CapEx investments today just to secure inventory. This is introducing additional pressure on already tenuous cash flows. With a shift to as-a-service, you can break free from hardware supply chain delays and close performance and security gaps immediately.

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Navigate a changing business landscape with greater flexibility

In times of uncertainty, your organization needs to remain agile and responsive to changing market conditions. Consolidating you networking and security services into a global platform that is easy to deploy, expand and resize will help to ensure that you can rapidly adapt your business, without sinking more capital into short-lived hardware solutions.

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Consolidate and save

Cloudflare solutions are delivered from our global network spanning 285+ cities in over 100 countries. With single-pass inspection and an easy-to-use dashboard, Cloudflare helps you simplify operations, reduce costs and flexibly add or remove services as needed.

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Application Services

Accelerate and protect your websites, apps and APIs in minutes by pointing your DNS to Cloudflare. Instantly improve performance using Cloudflare CDN, image optimization, stream delivery, load balancing, DNS services and Web3 gateways. Easily enable security services like WAF, Managed Rulesets, DDoS protection, bot management and API protection.

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Zero Trust and SASE

Replace VPN gateways, legacy hardware firewalls, SD-WAN appliances and email security gateways with Zero Trust security and network-as-a-service from Cloudflare. Protect your employees, SaaS applications, managed devices and data from threats on the Internet and provide a consistent experience to users everywhere.

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Developer Platform

Spend less time setting up and managing configurations and more time writing code. Deploy and run serverless applications from over 270 locations on the Cloudflare network with the Developer Platform. No more worrying about region restrictions, cost, or guessing where the best location to run your workloads from.

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