What is Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) and what does it do? Read more in our Learning Center. What is ZTNA?

Cloudflare Access

Internet-native Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)
  • Create an aggregation layer for secure access to all your self-hosted, SaaS, or non-web applications
  • Connect users faster and more safely than a VPN
  • Try it forever for up to 50 users with our Free plan
Secure hybrid work

Top use cases for Access

  • VPN replacement - Access is faster and safer than traditional VPNs. Start offloading critical apps for better security and end user experience.
  • Accelerate mergers & acquisitions - Avoid a traditional network merge entirely. Integrate with multiple IdPs and provide per-app internal access during M&A.
  • Contractor access - Authenticate third-party users like contractors with clientless options, social IdPs, and more.
  • Developer access - Provide privileged technical users secure access to critical infrastructure without performance tradeoffs.
  • Phishing-resistant MFA - Roll out strong authentication, like FIDO2-compliant security keys, everywhere.
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Connect users to internal resources

How it works

  • Clientless capabilities support HTTPS traffic and in-browser SSH or VNC terminals, while our device client can help evaluate device posture or extend traffic to other in-line services like Cloudflare Gateway
  • Access verifies identity and device posture and grants continuous, contexual access to all of an organization's internal resources, creating a software-defined perimeter
  • In-line WAF and DDoS threat mitigation further strengthen L7 security for apps protected behind Access

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Tackle Zero Trust one step at a time