Cloudflare Stream

Cloudflare Stream is an affordable, scalable, on-demand video platform

Streaming video on the Internet reliably at scale can be difficult. Cloudflare Stream lets you spend less time integrating and managing disparate video solutions and more time building your product by offering video encoding, storage, delivery and playback in a single unified platform.

Stream offers simple, comprehensive APIs for developers that are building for the long term.

Upload videos via API

Stream supports uploads for almost every video format such as H.264, H.265, ProRes and VP9. Videos automatically get converted to modern formats that can be viewed on most devices.

Videos can be uploaded by specifying a web URL, or directly from a client.

View videos on any device, on any connection

Cloudflare Stream automatically encodes videos to create multiple size and quality levels. This allows videos to be fast and responsive on small and larger screens alike.

Cloudflare Stream supports both HLS and DASH standards for adaptive bitrate streaming. Cloudflare's global network ensures fast delivery and smooth video playback anywhere around the world.

Learn about HLS and DASH.

Web player included, all major players supported

A developer friendly HTML5 video player is included that can be customized to fit your desired playback behavior.

Adaptive bitrate streaming, subtitles and AirPlay are supported out of the box. Built-in reporting includes video view counts and minutes watched.

View Cloudflare Stream player API

Geography, IP, or time-based access control

Create unlimited signed tokens to give every user a unique video URL. Limit tokens with an expiration time, not-valid-before time, geography, and IP based rules.

Create video URLs that enable logged-in users to view only videos they are entitled to. Comply with licensing restrictions using geography rules.

Key Features

Adaptive bitrate technology
Signed URLs
VAST ads (Enterprise plans only)
HTML5 player
Closed captioning support
Granular access control with JWTs
Automated thumbnails
Cloudflare Stream Pricing

Stream for Free, Pro, and Business Plans

$1 per 1,000 minutes viewed

$5 per 1,000 minutes of video storage capacity

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Stream for Enterprise

Custom pricing for any scale

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Simplified pricing of Cloudflare Stream

Streaming a library of 500 GB of HD videos over the course of one month with approximately 72,000 minutes of viewing time to a global market.

Total cost: $78.00/month

Streaming: $72.00

Streaming costs at a rate of $1 per 1,000 minutes viewed.

Storage: $6.00

Storage costs are based on 1,200 minutes of video content at $5 per 1,000 minutes stored.

Cloudflare Stream can save you $430.47 every month (or over $5,000 per year) when compared to a cloud provider offering.

  • Free player included

  • No additional costs to serve global users

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Video streaming costs with a typical public cloud provider

Streaming a library of 500 GB of HD videos over the course of one month with approximately 72,000 minutes of viewing time to the Americas, Europe, and Asia (accessing data centers in Brazil, US, UK, and Singapore).

Total cost: $508.47/month

Streaming: $496.97

Total sum including encoding, CDN, and player costs. Details >

Storage: $11.50

Significantly higher costs (6.5x higher) when building a multi-product solution in the cloud

  • An external open source player needs to be integrated

  • Unexpectedly high additional costs for data egress

  • Varying CDN costs for data center usage across different global regions