Securing the future: Cyber security readiness report

Chapter 10: Conclusion

The constantly shifting cyber security landscape demands change. CISOs can no longer count on traditional security strategies or solutions to protect their businesses from attacks.

As Forrester suggests in the latest research study, cyber attacks are still on the rise, with 78% of respondents experiencing an attack within the past 12 months — and 80% of those companies experiencing multiple attacks in that time period.

Many security teams are underprepared for new threats, and their CISOs know it. As threats have evolved, many have implemented point solutions in an attempt to address specific challenges. But facing a variety of competing priorities, CISOs have often deployed insufficient capabilities in multiple areas. They are left with large collections of disconnected tools that are difficult to manage, costly to maintain, and inadequate in providing protection.

A talent shortage and restricted budgets are putting pressure on CISOs to take a new approach. Even if budgets rise as expected in the near future, organizations cannot afford to keep purchasing additional solutions and also hope to find qualified personnel to manage them. They need a more holistic, unified approach to security that can close gaps while also streamlining management.

That new approach to security must include sufficient investment in boosting security awareness within organizations. Improving awareness about security threats among executives can help CISOs increase their budgets. At the same time, educating all employees about security issues can give security teams vital allies for bolstering protection.

For most organizations, the most effective, efficient way to address a growing number and variety of threats is to adopt a single, unified platform that offers multiple, integrated capabilities. A connectivity cloud could be the answer. With a connectivity cloud, organizations can connect and protect everything while reducing costs and complexity. They can defend against evolving threats and support new ways of working while better preparing themselves for whatever lies ahead.

This article is part of a series on the latest trends and topics impacting today’s technology decision-makers.

Key takeaways

After reading this article you will be able to understand:

  • Survey results from over 4,000 cyber security professionals

  • New findings on security incidents, preparedness, and outcomes

  • Considerations for CISOs to secure the future and achieve better outcomes for their organization

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