Enable network traffic intelligence and advanced network DDoS protection with Kentik and Cloudflare

For businesses running dynamic and complex networks that exceed efficient human operational scale, Kentik® is the provider of the only AIOps platform specifically designed for network professionals. Kentik uniquely unifies diverse data streams across cloud and traditional infrastructure to produce instant insights that accelerate network team efficiency, automate issue resolution, and create new business capabilities.

Partnership Overview

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The Kentik Platform inspects network traffic and detects DDoS attacks in real-time. Notification of the attack is sent to operations or security staff via one or more configured methods: email, JSON, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, or Syslog.

Integrated with Cloudflare Magic Transit, Kentik signals Cloudflare to automatically shift traffic destined for the target IP into their cloud mitigation data centers. Cloudflare filters the malicious traffic and delivers only the legitimate traffic back to the end-user. Mitigation actions can be fully automated, or the user can choose to require an acknowledgment from security or operations staff before the mitigation is activated.

Magic transit hero illustration
Diagram of Cloudflare integration with Kentik

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Cloudflare partners with Kentik to enhance on-demand DDoS protection

Learn how Cloudflare and Kentik's partnership enables network security teams to procure and use Magic Transit (network-layer DDoS mitigation) with Kentik's network observability as an integrated solution.

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Solution & Product Guides

Mitigation Overview

Learn how to add your Cloudflare Magic Transit credentials in the Kentik portal.

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Solution & Product Guides

Kentik Partner Brief

Read about how Cloudflare partners with Kentik and how you can benefit from this partnership.

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Kentik Webinar

Hear about how Cloudflare Magic Transit and Kentik Network Observability can help overcome common security obstacles.

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