Becoming Cloudflare's CIO

Celebrating the work CIOs do to keep their organizations safe and productive

Juan Rodriguez discusses his career and how the economic climate affects security innovation and investments


Microsoft AD用Zero Trust

プロアクティブで自動化されたZero Trustを統合化するとセキュリティはメンテナンスではなく脅威に集中することができます

Zero Trust導入へのロードマップ

Zero Trust導入は複雑なプロセスだが、最初から複雑とは限らない

DEM: Unparalleled visibility

According to Gartner, “at least 60% of I&O leaders will use Digital Experience Monitoring by 2026"

Web application security

Moving past short-term fixes for remote workforce security and building remote work infrastructure for the long-term




Zero Trustネットワークアクセスの台頭


Accelerating the journey to SASE

Implementing a comprehensive SASE helps to reduce security gaps and enable the future of work

Business and human rights in technology

A discussion on corporate responsibility and the B Tech project with Lene Wendland from the UN

Protecting election groups during midterm

Democracies rely on access to information and trusted election results

Technology behind Cloudflare Radar 2.0

Radar shares global Internet traffic, attack, and technology trends and insights

Zero Trust in the Internet browser

The latest security vulnerability of the distributed enterprise

The software supply chain is under attack

These attacks highlight the fragility of software ecosystems

A user-friendly alternative to CAPTCHA

Anyone, anywhere, who wants to replace CAPTCHA on their site will be able to call a simple API

Making the case for SASE

The more invested c-suite executives are in security projects, the safer the organization becomes

Optimizing security during uncertainty

3 ways to find cost efficiencies and improve your security posture during a down economy

Challenges IT leaders face today

Challenges include defining and proposing strategies for non-customer-facing aspects of the business

New security frameworks

Zero Trust, SASE, and SSE will change the way corporate networks are built

Shields up: improving cyber readiness

Compilation of cyber attacks from 2022

Forrester's stories of Zero Trust adoption

Real-world context from organizations that have ventured into implementation