Cloudflare helps AfterShip improve web performance and provides critical protection for customers

AfterShip empowers businesses to scale and provide their customers with the best shopping experience possible. Established in 2012, AfterShip’s parent company, is a premier B2B software provider with a global team of employees spanning North America, Europe, Australia, and India. Their flagship product, AfterShip, is the #1 post-purchase experience tool for enterprise and SMB retailers alike. It provides live and accurate shipment tracking notifications, which helps brands take control of the post-purchase customer experience. AfterShip also has a suite of pre-purchase and post-purchase products for ecommerce retailers, as well as consumer apps. More than 10,000 retailers use AfterShip, including leading marketplaces and iconic brands, and they serve 100,000+ customers worldwide.

Challenge: Improve website access speed for customers while protecting data privacy

As a key player in the ecommerce market, AfterShip wanted to ensure its platform worked quickly and reliably for customers, no matter where they are in the world. The company also wanted to ensure the security of their customer data at all times.

As the company expanded, AfterShip began to encounter malicious DDoS attacks, and their previous solution was leaving them vulnerable.

Cloudflare DDoS protection successfully defends against large-scale attacks, assuring concrete customer data security

AfterShip needed to ensure the security of their user data without affecting the performance of their websites. After researching different solutions in the marketplace, AfterShip chose Cloudflare based on its strong reputation.

AfterShip CEO Teddy Chan said, “Fortunately, we started using Cloudflare products very early. Cloudflare’s powerful DDoS protection has helped us successfully block more than 90% of attacks.”

Cloudflare also met AfterShip’s performance needs, enabling them to maintain a secure yet performant website, even under heavy web traffic conditions. After utilizing Cloudflare’s global network, page load times immediately improved by 29%. Now, AfterShip is able to provide an improved end-user experience with the support they receive from Cloudflare, and they can retain their leadership spot at the top of the market.

Cloudflare SSL for SaaS reduces workload and simplifies domain management

AfterShip is a B2B2C model, serving business customers directly but also interacting with end consumers. In particular, the Branded Tracking Page function of AfterShip is created for end-users to look up their package tracking information. Before Cloudflare, AfterShip struggled with managing their customer’s SSL certificates. After implementing Cloudflare SSL for SaaS, AfterShip was able to simplify the process of managing SSL certificates for custom domains, helping them provide users with more secure services. They are now able to manage these certificates much more efficiently, which allows their staff to focus on other critical projects.

Cloudflare provides AfterShip’s customers with a worry-free experience

AfterShip has been a Cloudflare customer for 7 years and sees them as a close partner, and they look forward to maintaining a long-term relationship with Cloudflare. During their time as a customer, they have onboarded and begun using other Cloudflare products like WAF and Workers. With Cloudflare, AfterShip is confident they can not only meet customer needs but also exceed customer expectations.

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Key Results
  • Cloudflare's global network has improved AfterShip's page load times by 29%
  • DDoS protection successfully defended against more than 90% of attacks
  • SSL for SaaS saves employees significant time and effort in managing HTTPS protocols and customer certificates

Cloudflare products are intuitive and easy to use and have helped us solve many security issues we previously struggled with. Cloudflare provides AfterShip and our customers with a reliable and secure experience.

Teddy Chan