Luma Health

This video features Aditya Bansod, CTO and Co-founder of Luma Health.

Aditya Bansod: My name is Aditya, and I’m one of the founders and CTO of Luma Health. We partner with over 500 healthcare systems across the United States to deliver a platform they use to build their own patient journeys. Starting last winter we launched our vaccination operations solution, which is a full-suite of solutions that help healthcare systems craft, deliver, and manage their COVID-19 vaccination strategies.

We partnered with Cook County, Illinois; the second-largest county in the United States with a population of over 5 million residents. As demand ramped up our platform began to see over 500,000 requests per second.

Hundreds of thousands of patients were looking to get scheduled for their vaccines, getting checked in at clinics and mass-vaccination sites, get a text or email reminders about their upcoming vaccinations and more. At Luma Health, we’ve been a customer of Cloudflare’s for over 6 years, but to continue to scale further, we partnered with Cloudflare’s Project Fair Shot to utilize their Waiting Room.

We were able to integrate the Cloudflare Waiting Room in less than 72 hours.

We were able to fine-tune the number of concurrent users within the Luma patient experience and provide accurate information about vaccine availability for users who were waiting. Layering the Waiting Room with Cloudflare Workers has allowed us to scale up to virtually unlimited demand.

The result? Over 1.5 million vaccines have been scheduled via Luma Health, and we’re not done yet. We continue to work closely with our health systems and our clinic partners to help address vaccine hesitancy, ensure vaccine access to all Americans and to help all of us charter the way out of the pandemic.

Luma Health
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    Key Results
    • Luma Health was able to integrate Cloudflare Waiting Room in less than 72 hours.

    • Over 1.5 million vaccines have been scheduled in Cook County with the help of Luma Health and Cloudflare Waiting Room