Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA)

Protect what’s yours with a zero-overhead approach to Zero Trust

Securing the corporate perimeter is hard. Embracing Zero Trust security principles should be easy. Start with Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), and give your entire ecosystem of users faster, safer access to your corporate resources.

Users have left the building. So what is your perimeter protecting?

Dispersed teams

Employees and third parties connect to corporate resources from everywhere.

Dispersed data

Corporate data lives across SaaS, cloud, and on-premise applications.

Dispersed devices

Users rely on personal devices to reach corporate resources.

Zero Trust Network Access

Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) technologies create secure boundaries around applications. When resources are protected with ZTNA, users are only allowed to access resources after verifying the identity, context, and policy adherence of each specific request.

Zero Trust as-a-service

Deploy access controls on our instant-on cloud platform, backed by Cloudflare's massive global network.

Safely and quickly authenticate employees and 3rd party users

Extend access to external users with multiple sources of identity supported at once.

Lock down web apps, SSH, RDP, and other infrastructure

Enforce least privilege on hard-to-protect resources, like web apps, SSH, RDP, and other infrastructure.

Protect internal assets without a VPN

ZTNA replaces VPN connections with universal policies that grant access based on a user’s identity and context.

Accelerate DevOps workflows

Engineers and related functions often need SSH access to your infrastructure to keep your business moving - and they don’t like to be slowed down. ZTNAs allow privileged technical users to access your critical infrastructure remotely - without experiencing tradeoffs.

Give every user seamless authentication - even contractors and partners

ZTNA saves room in your corporate directory by simultaneously integrating with multiple identity providers. External users can authenticate with a broad variety of corporate or personal accounts and still benefit from the same ease-of-use available to internal employees.

ZTNA Resources

Considering VPN replacement? Compare 3 remote access approaches

Yes, you really can replace your VPN with Zero Trust Network Access. Download this technical whitepaper to compare alternative remote access approaches and find the best option for your organization.

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Product Brief: Cloudflare Access

Summarizes key features and benefits of Cloudflare's Zero Trust Network Access service, Cloudflare Access.

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Gartner Market Guide for ZTNA

Gartner has recognized Cloudflare as a representative ZTNA-as-a-service vendor in the 2020 Market Guide for Zero Trust Network Access.

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Omdia Market Radar: Zero Trust Access

Cloudflare has been named as a leading provider of Zero Trust Access (ZTA) in the Omdia Market Radar for Zero Trust Access.

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Software Connectors to Cloudflare's Network

Learn about the lightweight software that many Cloudflare customers use to establish secure connections to our global network. Specifically, this brief explores our application connector and device client, two linchpins of our Zero Trust platform that make it easy to enhance your organization's security.

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Zero Trust for SaaS Apps

Cloudflare's Zero Trust platform enables your organization with visibility into and policy controls over SaaS applications. Learn how Cloudflare helps you discover shadow IT, apply Zero Trust access policies, and data protection controls for SaaS apps.

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