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Give third party collaborators a first class experience, with fast and safe access to applications

Providing application access to collaborators outside your organization — whether they’re contract workers, agencies, or partner organizations — can be a security risk and a logistical headache. Learn how Cloudflare Access makes connecting 3rd party users to workforce apps secure and simple.

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Challenges with third party access management

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Excessive privilege brings excessive risks

Collaborators often need to reach a few critical applications to get their job done. Yet they tend to accrue excessive privileges over time. This excessive privilege can introduce risk.

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Onerous to manage

Onboarding external users is often time-consuming and expensive. Many organizations pay for SSO licenses for contractors, and have to manage their access separately.

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Slower productivity onramp

Because it’s harder to manage their access, contractors end up wasting hours or days waiting for the tools they need.

The challenge of sharing identity sources

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If your team has an application that you need to share with partners or contractors, both parties need to agree on a source of identity. Some teams opt to solve that challenge by onboarding external users to their own identity provider. When contractors join a project, the IT department receives help desk tickets to create new user accounts in the organization directory. Contractors receive instructions on how to sign-up. They spend time creating passwords and learning the new tool, and then use those credentials to login.

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Multi-SSO with Cloudflare Access

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Access allows you to use multiple sources of identity to grant different groups of users access to the same application. This gives you the flexibility to extend access to external users (3rd parties, contractors, vendors) without having to onboard them onto your centralized Identity Provider.

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Manage third party access confidently with Zero Trust access
Cloudflare Access delivers Zero Trust access for third party collaborators, helping you enforce least privilege across all applications without additional overhead.
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Implement least-privilege access

Reduce risk by implementing app-specific, Zero Trust access scoped to users.

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Onboard and offboard faster

No need to deploy a VPN or ship a corporate device to get users started. 3rd party users can authenticate to applications with a familiar login flow.

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Reduce identity and access management spend

Support for multiple identity providers means you can give 3rd party users access without having to provision SSO licenses.

3rd party access use cases

Integrate multiple identity providers

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Your contractors can bring their own existing identities from LinkedIn, GitHub, Google or other providers for seamless login. IT teams save time and resources by keeping contractors out of the corporate identity tenant. Security gains peace of mind knowing third-party users have narrowly scoped permissions.

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Time-based OTPs for authentication

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Guest users can authenticate with time-based one-time passwords based on user email addresses.

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Granular access policies

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Adopt Zero Trust best practices by applying least privilege: Only provide your partners access to the apps they need to be successful and eliminate the unnecessary risks of granting permissions for apps they won’t even use.

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Monitor user access and change logs

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View and search real-time access logs in the dashboard or send to a third party SIEM for analysis. Full visibility across your contractor activity enables auditing and helps your organization manage its security more proactively.

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