Cloudflare vs. Cisco

Choose Cloudflare over Cisco Umbrella for DNS filtering and Zero Trust

Start with Cloudflare Gateway today for DNS filtering optimized for security, speed, and simplicity of administration. Protect against ransomware, phishing, and shadow IT threats.

Longer term, accelerate your Zero Trust journey by consolidating threat protection, data controls, and identity-based application access under Cloudflare Zero Trust’s unified management experience.

No more switching between different Cisco interfaces or worrying about how Cisco will integrate disparate services on the backend.

Advancing Zero Trust

Built on Cloudflare's network

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Natively-integrated edge services keeps you moving fast towards Zero Trust

All of Cloudflare’s Zero Trust services are purpose-built on our own developer platform. This not only delivers a consistent user experience, but also enables us to innovate more rapidly.

By contrast, partial integrations between Cisco services – often bought through acquisitions – can create unexpected frictions. Your admins will be juggling multiple standalone SWG and ZTNA solutions and will weave an overly complex web of inconsistent policies over time.

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Simplify your Zero Trust journey

Switching to Cloudflare Gateway today for DNS filtering today can streamline your longer term Zero Trust adoption. Cloudflare brings together many once-distinct security services into a unified platform, called Cloudflare Zero Trust. With Cloudflare, leveling up security with equivalent solutions should be easier and more cost-efficient than with Cisco.

Limited time promotion

If you currently use Cisco Umbrella’s DNS Security Essentials or DNS Security Advantage, swap in Cloudflare Gateway today.

For a limited time...

  • Start a Gateway subscription at no charge until the expiration of your current Umbrella contract for up to 12 months.

  • We will aim to beat the price you are paying Cisco for the paid period of the subscription.

Additional terms and conditions apply
See below table for comparison of capabilities focused on DNS security.‡

Switch to Cloudflare for DNS filtering today

† To take advantage of this promotion, you must purchase Cloudflare Gateway from Cloudflare by 15 April 2022. You must agree to Cloudflare’s standard Enterprise Subscription Agreement and to a 12-month minimum term following the expiration of your current contract. Expiration of your current contract is the earliest date at which you can terminate your contract with a minimal or no fee. The price beat does not apply to any introductory or promotional price of competitors’. The no charge period cannot exceed 12 months. Other usage limits may apply. You are only eligible for this promotion if your existing contract is with Cisco for DNS Security Essentials, DNS Security Advantage, or their equivalent legacy Umbrella packages - Professional and Insights. Your participation in this promotion is at Cloudflare’s sole discretion. Cloudflare reserves the right to discontinue this promotion at any time.

‡ Based on publicly available information as of February 1, 2021