Edge Database Partnerships

Cloudflare is partnering with leading distribute and API driven database providers to support complex data driven use cases at the Edge

It takes a village to develop and maintain an application. Cloudflare Workers is the most developer-friendly Compute platform. We are extending its capabilities by connecting to the various components developers would like by partnering with several companies. Cloudflare Workers can now build distributed, global, transactional use cases natively with direct API calls from Workers.


Every application has two parts: code and state.

State isn’t always the easiest to work in a massive distributed system. When an application runs in 200+ data centers simultaneously, there’s an inherent tradeoff between distributing the data for better performance, availability, scale, and guaranteeing that all data centers see the same data at a given point in time.

Our goal is to make state at the edge seamless. Use cases such as querying complex datasets, or communicating with a relational system-of-record. We recognize that there will always be use cases for communicating from a Worker to an existing query language.

We’re announcing the below partnerships so that developers can build on Workers with confidence. A partnership with two distributed data companies, Macrometa and Fauna, to help developers choose an edge-first database when they build a new application on Workers.

Our Partners


Cloudflare is excited to announce a partnership for global data with Macrometa. Macrometa provides a stateful platform for developers to build rich, geo-distributed, stateful applications on the edge with Cloudflare Workers.

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We are also excited to announce a partnership for transactional workloads with Fauna, a data API for modern applications. Together, Cloudflare and Fauna enable developers to build stateful applications that scale dynamically and maintain strong consistency.

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If you are interested in our partner integrations, please get in touch.

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Announcing Cloudflare’s Database Partners

Learn how Cloudflare’s partnerships with Macrometa and Fauna are helping to support complex data driven use cases at the Edge.

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