“We run a small, efficient infrastructure footprint, with our website being in the forefront.”

Global Medical Relief Fund (GMRF)

The non-profit, non-partisan Global Medical Relief Fund aids children who are missing or have lost the use of limbs or eyes, have been severely burned, or have been injured due to war, natural disaster or illness. GMRF was originally created in 1997 by one person working out of a small apartment on Staten Island, New York. Since then, GMRF, along with partners-in-effort, doctors, nurses, hospitals and community volunteers, have worked for 19 years helping more than 200 hopeless children, many of them amputees and burn victims, or victims of war or disasters, who have no or little local medical resources. GMRF continues to provide children from countries around the world, with vital medical care and ongoing treatment so that they can eventually heal and return home to grow up and become thriving members of their own cities, towns, communities, and countries.

Helping When People Need it Most

The GMRF site is the main portal for donations and information about the organization. “We run a small, efficient infrastructure footprint, with our website being in the forefront,” explained Kenan Malkic, Vice President of Information Technology at the organization. This infrastructure works well for most of the organizations functions, but when a big event happens traffic could spike to the site and knock it offline when it’s needed most. Malkic related, “I was searching for for a cost effective way to secure, speedup and ensure 100% uptime for our website and Project Galileo came up.”

Always Online

Project Galileo now protects and secures the GMRF site, ensuring that it’s always online and available for the people that need it even when spikes in traffic occur. Malkic commented, “With Project Galileo we get the peace of mind that our charity has an enterprise class network infrastructure supporting and securing us.”