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Business challenge

Dan Baritchi, co-founder and CEO of Blog Press, along with his wife Jennifer, have their own successful blog and were interested in sharing their knowledge with other would-be bloggers. Once they created they were in need of added performance benefits and solutions.

“All our pageviews are 100 percent WordPress, so response time and performance is a huge factor. We’ve been using multiple layers of caching from WordPress to object caching to MySQL database caching, and also utilizing a CDN for delivering all static content and images.”


by utilizing Cloudflare’s caching

Cloudflare's impact

“Once we were a part of the Cloudflare network we saw pageview response time drop to 50 percent of what it was before—that’s huge,” said Dan “That was even with the extensive performance optimizations we already had in place.”

Response Time Improvement:


“This is where we saw Cloudflare really shine—taking our expensive WordPress pageviews and serving them directly from the Cloudflare regional data centers, without hitting our core servers for every pageview. Cloudflare still allows us the full control of managing all our systems via WordPress with all our custom configurations and optimizations. All plug-n-play. Big win,” said Dan.

Over a typical 30 day period, saw 5.5 million requests to their servers, and Cloudflare directly served up 3 Million of them via its global network. That’s a savings of over 50 percent.

“The performance benefits were huge. We saw faster response times for all our visitors,” said Dan. “Adding Cloudflare in front of your website is like adding a team of bouncers at your front door to check everyone on the way in, and turn away those people who are visiting you just to cause trouble,” said Dan. “Do yourself a favor and try Cloudflare. I’m very glad we did. Even the free version is excellent, so you have no excuse to not try it.”

Blog Press
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Key Results

Cut pageview response time in half

Reduced requests to server by 50%

The performance benefits were huge. We saw faster response times for all our visitors.

Dan Baritchi
Co-Founder & CEO