Cloudflare API Gateway

Global, integrated API protection and monitoring
How it works - API gateway

Powered by 320 locations on our global network, API Gateway automatically discovers, validates, and protects your API endpoints.

How it works - API gateway
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Automatically discover API endpoints

Continuously discover your public API endpoints and their schemas with machine learning models and heuristics.

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Block OWASP Top 10 API Security risks

Stop common API attacks, including zero-day exploits, authentication abuse, data loss, DDoS, and other business logic attacks.

Reduce costs by only serving to clean API traffic

Validate incoming requests against schemas, authentication, and legitimate API business logic — and reduce your API hosting costs.

How it works

Protect and maintain high-performing APIs with integrated security and monitoring

How it works - API gateway

Built on our global, Internet-native network, API Gateway automatically discovers, secures, and monitors API endpoints across your entire landscape — without slowing business innovation.

It consolidates application and API inventory, policy management, analytics, and reporting on a single platform, with the same connectivity and security benefits offered by Cloudflare’s web application services.

How it works - API gateway

Learn how your company’s API security compares to industry peers


2023 Gartner Market Guide for Cloud Web Application and API Protection

Cloudflare recognized as a Representative Vendor in the Gartner Market Guide for WAAP.

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What our customers are saying

“Considering how complex our surface is — with mobile and traditional websites, 13 brands, and so many geographies — it’s impressive how quickly and easily we implemented Cloudflare and how Cloudflare supported us throughout the entire effort.”

Head of Information Security, boohoo Group

Top API Gateway use cases

Cloudflare API Gateway helps you catalog and manage API endpoints, while blocking attacks, vulnerability exploits, and data leakage

Discover shadow APIs
Discover shadow APIs

Document every public API in your landscape, even those that are unmanaged or unsecured.

Prevent data exfiltration
Prevent data exfiltration

Stop data leaks by continuously scanning response payloads for sensitive data.

Create a positive security model
Create a positive security model

Protect APIs by only accepting traffic that conforms to your OpenAPI schemas — while blocking malformed requests and HTTP anomalies.

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