Cloudflare Stream

Serverless live and on-demand video streaming

  • Upload, store, encode and deliver live and on-demand video with one API
  • Stream video instantly from Cloudflare’s global network
  • Start streaming today in less than 5 minutes

Build video into your website or app

No format, protocol, or encoding expertise required

Seamless viewer experiences

Stream works with all of the most widely used video players, and provides an integrated web player, allowing you to create your ideal viewer experience, without having to start from scratch.

Integrates with any device

Integrates with any device

Stream uses industry standard protocols with wide compatibility, allowing you to stream video to websites, native iOS and Android apps, and media streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku.

Adapts to your viewers’ bandwidth

Stream automatically encodes and delivers the ideal quality for each individual viewer, whether they’re on 4G on their phone or watching on the big screen at home.

APIs that don’t require video expertise

Stream provides simple APIs that every engineer on your team already knows. You never need to learn about new protocols, video formats or encoding pipelines — we optimize all of this for you.

Served by Cloudflare’s global CDN

Cloudflare’s network is within ~50ms of 95% of the Internet connected population. Unlike other platforms, we operate our own network and hardware, ensuring optimal performance and delivery.

No charges for encoding or bandwidth

Pay only for minutes of video delivered and minutes of video stored. We never charge for encoding, bandwidth or any other metric, and you pay only one provider for all video needs.

On-demand videos

Reliable, highly performant on-demand video experience for users across the globe — regardless of connection speed, device, or video formatting.

  • Upload all common video formats: Cloudflare will standardize for playback on any device or connection
  • Generate thumbnail previews: In static or animated formats, with no code required.
  • Monetization: Serve ads before, during or after videos using the Video Advertising Serving Template (VAST) format.

Live streaming

The features you need to deliver an exceptional live streaming experience for any number of global users, across a huge variety of connections, devices, and concurrent platforms.

  • Broad compatibility: Use the same RTMP protocol as platforms like YouTube, Twitch and Instagram — or use SRT, the new emerging standard.
  • Painless restreaming: Stream live to Cloudflare, and we’ll handle simulcasting to any destination that supports RTMP or SRT (nearly all video streaming platforms).
  • Automatically recording: Cloudflare Stream automatically records live streams and makes it easy to watch content later

Wide-ranging playback options

Play video on any device using standard protocols

Play video using HLS or DASH, the same protocols used by the biggest live and on-demand video streaming services in the world, supported by all your viewers’ devices.

Automatically serve the right resolution with adaptive bitrate streaming

Stream automatically makes multiple resolutions of your video available, and works with adaptive bitrate streaming standards to select the ideal resolution based on the viewer’s device and bandwidth.

Use our player or bring your own

Stream provides an embedded web player that requires zero engineering work to use, and lets you integrate with any web or native iOS or Android video player that supports HLS or DASH.

Features that put you in control

Control access

  • Enable private, authenticated or time-bound access
  • Prevent or allow downloads on a per-video basis
  • Restrict access by IP or Geo


  • Add captions in multiple languages
  • Apply custom, reusable watermarks
  • Clip videos without having to re-upload

User-generated content

  • Let your users upload videos directly
  • Allow your users to go live from your app via RTMP or SRT
  • Track video analytics on a per-creator basis


  • Client-side analytics with detailed user filtering
  • Server-side analytics of viewing pattern
  • Live viewer counts

Trusted by millions of Internet properties

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