Cloudflare Stream

Serverless live and on-demand streaming

Cloudflare Stream is a live streaming and on-demand video platform, which can ingest, encode, record, and play videos from one unified product.

Stream is built for developers on the world’s most-connected network, offering effortless scale and affordable pricing to build your video pipeline.

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Go live with one API call

Create live inputs and start pushing RTMP feeds to Cloudflare Stream. Watch your live stream using HLS/DASH or simulcast to 3rd party platforms.

All live streams are automatically recorded for replays.

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Seamlessly upload videos and leverage instant recordings

Stream supports uploads for video formats such as H.264, H.265, ProRes and VP9. Live videos automatically are converted to recordings instantly so viewers can access it later. Videos automatically are converted to modern formats that can be viewed on most devices.

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Fast, responsive streaming

Cloudflare Stream supports both HLS and DASH standards for adaptive bitrate streaming that can be embedded on your website. It automatically encodes videos to create multiple size and quality levels, allowing the videos to be fast and responsive for any device used by the viewer.

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Advanced access control

Limit who can view your live videos with self-expiring tokenized links for each viewer. When generating the tokenized links, you can define constraints including time-based expiration, geo-fencing and IP restrictions.

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Instant scale

Offer fast, reliable video streaming for a global audience with effortless scale. All Cloudflare network locations run the necessary software to ingest and deliver videos, so you don’t have to worry about adding new compute instances, setting up availability zones, or negotiating additional software licenses.

"We've been delighted with our trial of Stream: it's a simple, powerful service with zero bloat that's clearly been built with a lot of attention to detail. The API-driven video upload functionality fits our requirements perfectly, and it's very easy to embed videos and customize the player. The service also has clear, fair pricing, and we look forward to streaming much more of our content with its help in the near future."
Greg Annandale
Web platform lead at Raspberry Pi Foundation