Leverage data stored at the edge

Serverless key-value storage for applications on Cloudflare
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Extend your applications’ functionality with our serverless key-value store. Workers KV provides a secure low-latency key-value store across 320 global locations. Automatic scaling supports applications that serve dozens or millions of users.

Eventually consistent by design, KV caches data globally and is ideal for reference data or assets that don't change frequently.

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Improve response times everywhere

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Move your application closer to the user, with edge storage, improving both site performance and the overall user experience. Store, modify, and query key-value data across our globally distributed network quickly and securely.

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Reliable by default

KV replicates data automatically to avoid a single point of failure. Application developers can rely on KV to recover from failures with zero downtime.

Boost developer productivity

Improve developers productivity by allowing them to focus their time on building new features rather than scaling out key-value stores.

Workers-KV automatically replicates data to all of Cloudflare’s global locations, allowing you to scale seamlessly.

Create targeted experiences

Customize Application Behavior

Generate customized content instead of serving static sites. Serve unique content to returning visitors, target marketing to subsets of visitors, or store user preferences.

Quickly modify, cached or uncached content, with low latency injection of personalized content from Workers KV.

Customize Application Behavior

Enforce custom authorization and authentication

Enforce Custom Authorization and Authentication

Store session tokens or other user information to quickly ensure the right user has access to the right content. Move the authentication layer out of applications and into the network. Reduce the threat of application-level authentication vulnerabilities while improving performance.

Enforce Custom Authorization and Authentication

Remember specific attackers

Remember Specific Bad Actors

Stop cheaters, spammers, trolls, and other attackers by storing IPs, user IDs, or any relevant data in Cloudflare Workers KV. Easily write to and run quick checks against large block lists to prevent attackers from reaching protected applications and posting, registering, or performing other undesired actions.

Remember Specific Bad Actors

Key Features

Reduce latency when values are stored and read across Cloudflare’s global network.
Store assets up to 25 MB in size.
Integrate with 3rd party applications.
Set customized TTLs to avoid serving stale values.
Read and write from Cloudflare Workers
API to write to Workers KV from 3rd party applications
Uses Cloudflare’s robust caching infrastructure
Integrates with Workers Preview

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