Integrated Cloud Email Security

Together, Google Workspace and Cloudflare Area 1 deliver preemptive email threat protection, BEC fraud prevention, and automated phishing response and remediation for Gmail users. Area 1 also integrates seamlessly with Google Cloud’s native email security features such as anti-spam, DLP, encryption, and archiving, for preemptive and comprehensive cloud email security.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare Area 1 proactively crawls the web to discover phishing campaigns and uses that early insight, plus contextual email analysis techniques, to protect employee inboxes from phishing attacks — before damage can occur. Deploy Cloudflare Area 1 in just minutes for a best-of-breed, defense-in-depth anti-phishing security layer for your Google Workspace email users.


Reduce risk of breach

Lower the cyber risk from your organization’s #1 threat vector — email.

Save time on incident response

Built-in phishing response reduces the time spent investigating and remediating suspicious email incidents.

Peace of mind

Keep end users productive and confident that inboxes are free of the most sophisticated campaigns, such as malware-less BEC and supply chain email attacks.

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How to replace your email gateway with Cloudflare Area 1

Learn how the Cloudflare Area 1 Horizon anti-phishing service complements Gmail’s security features.

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Case Study

Case Study: Legato Security

Discover how Legato Security strengthened its defenses against cyber threats with Cloudflare Area 1 and G-suite protection.

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Solution & Product Guides

Deploying Cloudflare Area 1

Learn about customers’ different deployment architectures for Cloudflare Area 1.

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Solution & Product Guides

Email Security integration overview

Learn how Cloudflare Area 1 integrates with Google Cloud to detect and block targeted phishing attacks.

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Solution & Product Guides

Cloudflare Area 1 and Google Cloud Partner Brief

Learn how the integration of Cloudflare Area 1 with Google Cloud helps to overcome traditional secure email gateways or email authentication and stops sophisticated phishing attacks such as malware-less business email compromise (BEC), account takeover-based fraud, and insider threats.

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