Network Intelligence and Superior DDoS Mitigation

With Kentik and Cloudflare Magic Transit

Detecting and mitigating DDoS attacks on your networks with precision and speed is key to ensuring business continuity.

Protect your networks with a joint solution powered by enterprise-class DDoS mitigation from Cloudflare and high precision DDoS detection from Kentik.

For a limited time, get Cloudflare Magic Transit with Kentik Network Intelligence Platform at no cost for up to 4 months. Terms and conditions apply.

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Combine Protection and Business Continuity

  • 42 Tbps of DDoS mitigation + precise DDoS detection = awesome protection
  • See traffic trends on your network, identify root causes and perform forensics
  • Get increased uptime and ensure business continuity with automated monitoring and mitigation of DDoS attacks
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Get time back to focus on major threats

  • Get peace of mind with Kentik’s AIOps-powered threat intelligence and network analytics and from Cloudflare’s always-learning global network
  • Inspect network traffic in real-time and eliminate false positives and negatives
  • Reduce alarm fatigue and increase the efficiency of your SOC team.
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Simplify and strengthen your security stack

  • No hardware or software to install and maintain
  • Quick deployment and no ongoing maintenance by operations staff required
  • RESTFul APIs to measure deployments in minutes
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How it works

  • The Kentik Platform inspects network traffic and detects DDoS attacks in real-time.
  • Notification of the attack is sent to operations or security staff via one or more configured methods: email, JSON, OpsGenie, PagerDuty, Slack, ServiceNow, or Syslog.
  • Integrated with Cloudflare Magic Transit, Kentik signals Cloudflare to automatically shift traffic destined for the target IP into their cloud mitigation data centers.
  • Cloudflare filters the malicious traffic and delivers only the legitimate traffic back to the end-user.
  • Mitigation actions can be fully automated, or the user can choose to require an acknowledgment from security or operations staff before the mitigation is activated.

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