What is the Developer Fund?

The Cloudflare App Developer Fund was founded in partnership with Venrock, Pelion Venture Partners, and New Enterprise Associates. It provides developers with resources so they can build apps using our serverless product, Workers on the Cloudflare network. Workers enables developers to create lightweight JavaScript applications without configuring or maintaining infrastructure.

We’ve already seen multiple use cases addressed by Workers, including custom application security and data loss prevention including bot mitigation. However, we believe its potential and application is almost limitless, which is why the Fund is focused on this particular platform. Check out these snippets of code for additional examples of how Workers can be harnessed.

The Fund’s goal is to accelerate investment in the ecosystem so that developers’ serverless innovations can see commercial success. As part of the Fund, Cloudflare will showcase outstanding apps to top-tier VCs and forward-thinking investors.

How do we select apps?

Cloudflare is looking for apps that will advance our mission to help build a better Internet; one that is secure, fast and reliable. We expect apps will come from a variety of sources, ranging from standalone developers who have identified a particular market need, through to engineers who realize that an idea developed for an internal use case has utility for a wider audience.

Once an app is submitted to the Fund, you’ll hear from us about next steps. We expect to see many more apps become part of the Apps marketplace with a select group going on to work with our VC partners!

Here are some qualities we look for in an app:

Product vision

The Fund’s focus on serverless is because we truly believe this technology can be transformational for both developers and users. We want to see applications that open people’s eyes to the possibilities of finely grained traffic management, security, and performance testing at a huge scale.

Democratizing technology

One of the Fund's goals is to make powerful tools accessible to users who are busy or less technical. One of the things that Cloudflare has been committed to from its start is taking complicated and technical solutions and making them easy enough for a non-technical person to use.

Ease of use

We’re looking for apps that deliver a delightful experience for users. This is intrinsic to the Fund's focus on making serverless more accessible. This can take the form of a clean and professional aesthetic, clear instructions and feedback, and effective use of interface elements.

Why work with the Cloudflare Developer Fund?

We hear from developers that they need three things to launch an app successfully: distribution so that people are able to install the app easily, a straightforward way to get paid, and the funding to support its development and marketing. Cloudflare’s app distribution gives access to millions of Cloudflare community web properties, apps, APIs, SaaS companies and more, using a network that sees Internet requests for ~17% of the Fortune 1,000.

The Fund can offer guidance and expertise on product and go-to-market strategy, credits/discounts for Cloudflare plans, showcasing at major events, access to Cloudflare’s event spaces for meetups, and the ability to engage with top-tier VC partners.


Venrock helps entrepreneurs build some of the world's most disruptive, successful companies. Venrock has invested in companies including: Apple, Intel, DoubleClick, Nest, Zenefits, Tudou, and Cloudflare.

Pelion Venture Partners

Pelion Venture Partners is an early stage VC firm bent on exceeding the expectations of entrepreneurs who shoot for the moon. Pelion has invested in companies including: Stormpath, Keen.io, and Cloudflare.

New Enterprise Associates

New Enterprise Associates (NEA) is a global venture capital firm investing in technology and healthcare. NEA has invested in companies including: Mulesoft, Pocket, Coursera, MongoDB, Nginx, WorkDay, and Cloudflare.

Resources for getting started: