Build stateful applications that scale dynamically with MongoDB and Cloudflare

MongoDB is a powerful, full-featured open-source database loved by developers. It unlocks the ability to store, query, and index data securely. Its document model is MongoDB support is provided via the Realm SDK, which integrates directly with MongoDB Atlas. MongoDB Atlas is the easiest way to run MongoDB and it includes Global Clusters, perfect for creating a low-latency, geo-distributed MongoDB database to back your Workers.

Partnership Overview

Cloudflare has launched a partnership with MongoDB to enable developers to support rich aggregations within the database. Through Cloudflare Workers and MongoDB, developers can build powerful and secure serverless applications and APIs at the edge. This partnership can help developers choose an edge-first database when they build a new application on Cloudflare Workers.


Forgo trade-offs

Don’t compromise between distributing the data for improved performance, availability, and scale.

Make state at the edge seamless

Apply use cases like querying complex datasets or communicating with a relational system-of-record.

Build with confidence

Optimize your usage of Cloudflare Workers to build applications seamlessly and without roadblocks.

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Workers adds support for two modern data platforms: MongoDB Atlas and Prisma

Learn about Cloudflare’s partnership with MongoDB in this announcement blog post.

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Learn more about how to secure connections to MongoDB deployments using Cloudflare Access and Cloudflare Tunnel.

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Create a REST API with Cloudflare Workers, MongoDB Atlas, and Realm

Learn how to create a REST API with Cloudflare Workers, MongoDB Atlas, and Realm.

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