Cloudflare Network Interconnect

Directly connect your on-premises and cloud networks to Cloudflare's network

Set up direct physical or partner delivered interconnections directly with the Cloudflare network: connections are available at over 320 cities in 120 countries. You can also connect virtually from over 13,000 locations through our network interconnect partnerships.

With Cloudflare Network Interconnect, you get the power of Cloudflare at your network edge.

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Better performance and reliability

With no intermediary networks between you and Cloudflare, you get faster performance and reduce unpredictability.

More secure

Each interconnection is reserved exclusively for the customer that provisions it — ensuring customer traffic is isolated and private.

Lower costs

Customers can benefit from reduced transit provider costs and may also be able to lower egress costs in the event of cache-miss.


Direct physical or virtual partner connections with the Cloudflare network

Diagram of Cloudflare Magic Transit preventing a DDoS attack

Cloudflare Network Interconnect is the on-ramp that allows our customers to interconnect their data centers directly with Cloudflare, increasing the benefits from Cloudflare products like Magic Transit (for DDoS), Zero Trust (for user and device security), Workers (for building applications), and more.

Diagram of Cloudflare Magic Transit preventing a DDoS attack

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What our customers are saying

"Everything that we do is focused on building a solution that can scale while providing the level of service that our customers expect. Cloudflare solutions give us that scalability and free up our teams' time and energy to focus on proactive features and solutions."

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Top Network Interconnect use cases

Cloudflare Network Interconnect gives you a direct connection to all Cloudflare services, helping you accelerate and secure on-premises and cloud networks.

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Complement ZTNA with connections to application networks

Cloudflare Zero Trust replaces legacy access VPNs with Cloudflare’s global network. Cloudflare Network Interconnect establishes direct connections from Cloudflare to your private applications hosted on-premises or in public clouds.

Reduce attack surface

Privately connect to Cloudflare so that your application networks have no Internet facing exposure.

Helping organizations worldwide protect and accelerate their networks

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