GA Week 2022

GA Week 2022
Welcome to GA Week

Follow along for exciting announcements as many of Cloudflare's most in-demand products and features become Generally Available - and learn how customers are already using them

Welcome to GA Week
Welcome to GA Week

Over the course of the next week, you’re going to hear about Cloudflare products that are out of beta and generally available

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GA Week Wrap Up
GA Week 2022: what you may have missed

We made a lot of new products Generally Available this week, so in case you missed it, here’s a recap

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Updates and announcements

Central management for API Endpoints
API Endpoint Management and Metrics are now GA

API Shield customers can save, update, and monitor the performance of API endpoints.

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Zaraz: Open Source Managed Components
Cloudflare Zaraz supports Managed Components and DLP to make third-party tools private

Third party tools are the only thing you can’t control on your website, unless you use Managed Components with Cloudflare Zaraz.

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Logpush: lower cost and more reliable
Logpush: now lower cost and with more visibility

Logpush jobs can now be filtered to contain only logs of interest. Also you can receive alerts when jobs are failing, as well as get statistics on the health of your jobs.

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R2 is now Generally Available

R2 is now generally available!! R2 gives developers object storage minus the egress fees

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Stream Live GA
Stream Live is now Generally Available

Stream Live is now out of beta, available to everyone, and ready for production traffic at scale.

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Workers for Platforms
The easiest way to build a modern SaaS application

With Workers for Platforms, your customers can build custom logic to meet their needs right into your application. We’re excited to announce that Workers for Platforms is now in GA for all Enterprise customers!

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Custom Domains for Workers
Going originless with Cloudflare Workers – Building a Todo app – Part 1: The API

Custom Domains are now in General Availability! Today we go through Part 1 in a series on building completely serverless applications on Cloudflare’s Developer Platform.

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SVG files in Cloudflare Images
SVG support in Cloudflare Images

Cloudflare Images now supports storing and delivering SVG files.

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Cloudflare Logs on R2
Store and retrieve your logs on R2

Log Storage on R2: a cost-effective solution to store event logs for any of our products!

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Regional Services Expansion
Regional Services comes to India, Japan and Australia

With Regional Services, we are thrilled to expand our coverage to these countries in Asia Pacific, allowing more customers to use Cloudflare by giving them precise control over which parts of the Cloudflare network are able to perform advanced functions

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CASB available in ZT Bundles
Detect security issues in your SaaS apps with Cloudflare CASB

Connect and scan your third-party SaaS apps for file leaks, misconfigurations, and Shadow IT, all in just a few clicks. Cloudflare CASB now Generally Available.

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DLP available in ZT Bundles
Cloudflare Data Loss Prevention now Generally Available

Data Loss Prevention is now available for Cloudflare contract customers, giving customers more options to protect their sensitive data.

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Cloudflare Channel Partner Program
Cloudflare One Partner Program Acceleration

Cloudflare One Partner Program gains traction with existing and prospective partners.

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Magic Gateway + BISO
Isolate browser-borne threats on any network with WAN-as-a-Service

Defend any network from browser-borne threats with Cloudflare Browser Isolation by connecting legacy firewalls over IPSec / GRE

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Cloudflare One Week 2022 - Replacing an email gateway with Area1
Cloudflare Area 1 - how the best Email Security keeps getting better

Cloudflare started using Area 1 in 2020 and proceeded with acquiring the company in 2022. We were most impressed how phishing, responsible for 90+% of cyberattacks, basically became a non-issue overnight when we deployed Area 1. But our vision is much bigger than preventing phishing attacks - read on.

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Cloudforce One
Cloudforce One is now generally available: empower your security team with threat data, tooling, and access to industry experts

Cloudflare’s threat operations and research team, Cloudforce One, is now open for business and has begun conducting threat briefings.

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Domain Scoped Roles
Improved Access Control: Domain Scoped Roles are now generally available

Starting today, it is possible to scope your users’ access to specific domains with Domain Scoped Roles becoming generally available

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Account level WAF
Account WAF now available to Enterprise customers

Do you manage more than a single domain? If the answer is yes, now you can manage a single WAF configuration for all your enterprise domains

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Cloudflare Aware
Introducing Cloudflare Adaptive DDoS Protection - our new traffic profiling system for mitigating DDoS attacks

Cloudflare’s new Adaptive DDoS Protection system learns your unique traffic patterns and constantly adapts to protect you against sophisticated DDoS attacks

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Advanced DDoS Alerts
Introducing Advanced DDoS Alerts

Cloudflare’s Advanced DDoS Alerts provide tailored and actionable notifications in real-time

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