Cloudflare Spectrum

Unmetered DDoS protection and traffic acceleration for TCP and UDP applications.
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Built on a network of 320 locations worldwide, Spectrum shields your applications from complex, large-scale attacks — while delivering a fast, consistent, and ‘real-time’ end-user experience.

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Block volumetric DDoS attacks

With a network mitigation capacity of 280 Tbps, Spectrum mitigates even the largest DDoS attacks — before they reach your server.

Accelerate network traffic in real time

Spectrum integrates with Argo Smart Routing to send TCP traffic faster than the ‘best-effort’ Internet.

Increase uptime with faster failovers

With Load Balancing, all active TCP connections and UDP traffic automatically failover to a healthy server, helping increase the uptime of your services.


Secure and accelerate your TCP and UDP applications

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Spectrum works as a layer 4 reverse proxy, extending Cloudflare DDoS protection and traffic acceleration to any box, container, or virtual machine (VM) connected to the Internet.

And with our built-in, software-defined IP firewall, you can easily control the flow of traffic to your application servers — no hardware or costly maintenance required.

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Cloudflare is named a Customers’ Choice

in the 2023 Gartner® Peer Insights™ “Voice of the Customer”: DDoS Mitigation Solutions.
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What our customers are saying

"Cloudflare Spectrum helped us really boost the performance and resiliency of our custom TCP protocols."

Ben Burns, CIO — ESL


Cloudflare Spectrum helps you ensure uptime for custom applications, control traffic to your application servers, and analyze web traffic in real time

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Reduce latency for custom applications

Spectrum helps provide fast, reliable performance for apps that depend on low latency — from online games to financial services.

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Set granular IP firewall rules

Allow or deny individual IPs or IP ranges to restrict which traffic gets sent to your application servers.

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Monitor traffic and threats with detailed analytics

Get in-depth information on ingress/egress traffic patterns, as well as threats mitigated by Spectrum.

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5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

5GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

10GB monthly data allowance $1/GB overage fees

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