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FounderLY.com is an open source media project that showcases entrepreneurs’ stories in documentary format. FounderLY launched in the spring of 2011 and publishes interviews on a weekly basis. FounderLY interviews leaders like Vivek Wadwa and Steve Blank and is frequently mentioned on major news outlets.

Key Results
Cut load time in half
Saved 60% on requests
Saved 36% bandwidth
Business challenge

We prioritize the design of our website. We want it to be a well-designed platform to showcase our founders’ stories and deliver an awesome experience for our readers. As with any website that leverages the power of design, website speed comes into play. We knew that with all of the images, CSS and JavaScript on our website, we had to think about how to make sure our website loads as fast as possible from all over the world.

We also serve a lot of videos on our website. Although Cloudflare does not handle our videos, ensuring that the rest of the page loads quickly is instrumental to making sure visitors stay on our website while they wait for the videos to start. On the other hand, we’re a startup, so we had to find a way to give our website a performance boost without spending a fortune. We were also under a tight deadline with limited engineering resources. We decided to sign up for Cloudflare.

“We really appreciate everything about Cloudflare, especially the speed increase of our site, the cool analytics and the fast customer service.”
7.8 GB
of 22.1 GB Bandwidth saved by
by utilizing Cloudflare’s CDN
Cloudflare's impact

Cloudflare was incredibly easy to enable. We did not have to spend engineering resources configuring our caching settings. Cloudflare’s technology automatically took care of it for us. This saved us two weeks of our developer’s time.

As soon as we enabled Cloudflare, we saw a significant improvement. Cloudflare cut our load time in half, doubling the speed of our website for our readers in Europe, Asia and the United States. Despite floods in traffic when we release new interviews, Cloudflare helps our server stay online. Cloudflare saves us 66% of our requests and 36% of our bandwidth. As a video-heavy website, this is incredible!

The verdict

Website speed is a priority for us and because we outsource it to Cloudflare, we no longer worry about it. Our engineering time has been spent focusing on our core business. Cloudflare allows us to keep our stack simple and our website fast without extra engineering time.

We really appreciate everything about Cloudflare, especially the speed increase of our site, the cool analytics and the fast customer service.

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